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I graduated from local uni with a Master's degree in Finance last year. Before, that I had done my Bachelor's from a top-ranked university in India. I secured a job in a Sales & Marketing position. My EP has been rejected. The reason given is "This candidate is not eligible to apply for a work pass in Singapore. Please look for another candidate".

Any idea what could be the potential reason? The SAT (self-assessment test) shows that I am eligible for both EP and SP. How should I target my appeal and what are the things that I can include to strengthen my case?

Additional facts:
1. Salary meets the minimum requirement
2. When I was on a student pass, I had overstayed on my IPA by 5-6 days by mistake. I was asked to pay a fine of $100. I promptly paid the fine and was given my Students Pass. Moreover, I also applied and secured a 1-year long term visit pass in Nov 2016 under the "Student of Institute of Higher Learning" category after finishing my Master's degree. Could this overstay of 5-6 days affect my immigration history?

It should not be the case of over staying. It could be the other reasons. May be your degree (both master and graduate degree are not recognised by MoM). You should visit MoM website and see if that Indian university is in the list of MoM recognised university? Further, which university you had your master here? Check if that university is in list of MoM recognised university? In Singapore there are many university or institutions are providing master degrees which absolutely not recognised by MoM and these are not reputed either.

Below recognised university link for your reference :

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … itutions#/

@ Surya2k:

Thanks for your reply. Both the Universities are recognized by MOM. I just wanted to check with you what the following rejection advisory might mean?

This candidate is not eligible to apply for a work pass in Singapore. Please look for another candidate

Does it mean that no matter what I add to my appeal case, there is no chance that I can get an EP? Will it help if I look for a new job?

There could be various meanings someone can find out but won't able to say in what context MoM said this. If someone has written this that means the first thing comes to mind is that u are not the eligible for this position. Secondly, if company doesn't have Quota then they can't hire foreigners. Thirdly, there could be potential adverse news or wrong information is at MoM or ICA (MoM can easily get information from ICA or vice versa) if you have an adverse news, which is why they said like this.

So I would suggest that you start searching a new job and a new employer should file your application with the correct documents (please always submit clear and correct documents). Good luck.

Hello Surya Sir,

The list of institutions has only one institution from India that is IIM. I think it is a sample list.


Asmara9403: The text of your rejection means that something in your details makes you unsuitable for this job, or employment in Singapore in general. An appeal only has a chnce of success if you supply additional information that changes this aspect.
Thus your employer should contact MoM and try to find out what the cause of the rejection is. Unfortunately, MoM does not always tell, in which case you can appeal "blind", but better prepare for a negative result.

Shiv1408: Very few Indian universities are recognised, most are considered of lower standard.

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