Cheap Car Rent in Bel Ombre?

Hello! I just started my internship in a hotel in Bel Ombre. It's pretty locked out so I'm considering renting a car. I only found chain company like Avis around the area and it's a bit too pricey for me and they cant offer me a long term rent. I heard from my colleague that average price is at estimate 430 USD per month, is there anywhere I can do it cheaper as I'll be here until June? I'd really appreciate if anyone can give me a contact. Doesn't have to be companies, if anyone happen to have an extra car that you can let me rent it. Thank you so much!


There is a company in Quatre Bornes who can deliver you the car if taking on long term


You won't find many options in Bel Ombre as it's a small will find much more care rental agencies in towns and in the capital, with more cars to choose from and better rates. Some popular agancies include Sixt, ABC Car Rental, Europcar, First Car Rental, etc. A quick google search will give you the names and contacts.

However $430/month is not bad if you ask me provided it's a good car.

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