color blindness test

Hi everyone, I have a chance to work in Saudi, my problem is I'm a red and green colorblind..I failed the Ishihara test. I need badly the job for my family, my question it necessary or is it important in Saudi policy for for foreign workers? Thank you in advance for the person who will enlighten to my problem.. :)

If you failed the medical test to get the visa , then there is nothing much that can be done other than to try to find a work around solution to pass the test with the medical center you did the test. If you reach here then there is no eye test for getting the residence permit.

Hi Hr guru, you mean no color blind test conducted there? Buy the way thanks a lot for the reply.. :top:

No I meant color blind test or eye tests are not done here in KSA to get residence permit. So assuming you failed this test before getting the visa your chances lie there.

OK sir I'll got it,  :top:  thank you very much..

Hi. I just want to ask ask are in Saudi Arabia now? Did you got the visa?

I have the same problem with you.

Some job offers doesn't matter if you're color blind or not.

I've been here in KSA for 3 yrs. My ishihara test was failed.

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