Moving to San Sebastian with kids

My husband and I are currently in San Sebastian and have fallen in love with the area.  What a perfect place to raise a family.  we are now looking into all the "details" of actually living here and we are finding a lack of information available online.  In english anyways. 

We have lived in Panama for the past 3 years so we can all speak some Spanish.  Our daughter who is 7 has been in a Spanish school for the past 2 years. 

Can anyone help me with the following questions....

-  It is my understanding that public school is taught in Basque.  Is there some portion of this school that is taught in Spanish or English?   Are there any schools in the area that are Spanish? 

-  There are some schools that are semi private.  Are there any in the area that are Spanish speaking? 

-  We really like it here however, I think that it may be too much to ask our 7 year old to earn Basque.  Does anyone  know of any other expat families living in the area? 

Thank you so much for all the help!


Hi there, do you still need answers to this?  I'd love to give you information on the various school systems if you still need help. 

In short, yes, your child will have to learn Basque.  There is no other way around it!   They will do great with the language and there is lots of help.  It shouldn't be an issue!

Hey Tara,
Just stumbled upon your post and I was wondering if you'd made the move to San Sebastian in the end. We are planning to move there at end of next year with two kids (7 and 4) , so I'd love to hear about your experience!

Hi Tara,

Did you end up moving to San Sebastian.  My husband and I have moved here with our 9 year old son and had some questions on if you found out anymore information on primary schools.  We are not really sure where to start as there really isn't alot of information and currently only speak English.

We have travelled around Spain and found that this is the place we would like to settle.


Peg Adendorff - Australia

Hi , sansabastien is really beautiful little   city. I was there 2 years ago. You can look in Irún another town near to it. Really amazing to see people from Australia choose to live here.

Good luck

Hi can anyone help me to understand where the English or English speak schools are in these areas?? I’m really so useless at this sorry my daughter is 5 I’m living in Cyprus right now but I’d like to be somewhere more comfortable I always loved Spain.. any ideas or suggestions??
Many thanks Alisha

We are planning to move to San Sebastián with three kids so would love information on schools. We are Australian and currently living in Sonoma, California as my husband works for a wine company. Thanks

Hi Kirsty,

Did you end up moving to San Sebastian? I'm living in Hendaye, France (nearby) and looking to find other English-speakers and activities to help ease the transition for my 13-year old son.


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