Teaching in UAE

Have a look at the Dubai Expat site, always plenty of teaching jobs advertised on there:

or alternatively why not apply directly to the schools?

Best of luck!

Have you all tried Teachaway.com or footprints.com?

Thank you for the advise. Will have a look at those sites.:D


I read your post and saw you were to have an interview with Teach Away.  That was two years ago.  I've also applied to work in the UAE.  I've applied through Teach Away.  May I ask how it all went and whether or not you'd recommend it? 

I'm also planning to be married in the summer and have my wife come to be with me there.

Hope you have a nice day.



Hi Kenvarra,

Just to let you know, this thread is dated 2011. I suggest you to start a new thread on the United Arab Emirates forum with maybe a small introduction.

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Ek sien jy is van George af en ek is ook hier. Het jy reggekom met n pos in die UAE? Ek is n internasionale agent en het poste in Al Ain asook in Saudi. Maak gerus kontak as jy wil. Groete Milandre

@ Milandre -> As you are on an english speaking forum, it would be great if you could post your message in english ;) Thanks. Karen :)

Hi Millandre,
I'll send you a pm

Teachaway.com is a great site. A lot better than Footprints.They will walk you through everything.

Yep I'd also like to get more info to teach in the UAE and the best recruiting companies. Thanks!

I have not heard from Teach away yet. Applied in December...are they slow at responding?

I have applied with almost allthe agencies out there.The only company that replied and is really assisting my to find something is Dynamic Personel. You can google them.You can either speak to Alicia or Jolene. email. admin[at]dynamicpersonnel.co.za

Bianca :)


Thank you so much!

Just started teaching Job in the UAE. Its with ADNOC , been looked after from the moment I got off the plane. Everything was taken care of , really impressed.

Hi RajaZia,

Please note that this thread here is a bit old :)

Feel free to start a new topic with all your questions on the United Arab Emirates Forum please :)

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Hi everyone,does the English teaching jobs widely being advertised really exist in UAE as being purported ? I need your help pls

Hello. I have been offered a job in UAE through Astute Education. I am unsettled that I won't  be told where I will be placed until I arrive in the UAE. My friend has been posted in a mall town an hour and a half  from dubai.  Any advice?  Should I take the job? Big  decision!  Thanks

Hello Miss Snugsy,
It is always safe to know where the job is in UAE than risking to know about it once you are here. As for your friend an hour an half drive from Dubai in any direction is another Emirate states so if you plan on working in UAE better to know where in UAE will you be placed.
I hope it helps.
Cheers :)

UAE is great place to teach and save - obviously you can spend your money easy if not too careful! Abu Dhabi and Dubai obvious spots and are great spots to live. There are other areas though that are much quieter and you'll save more and be within driving distance (1hr or 2) of Dubai/Abu Dhabi on weekends.
Enrol with couple of agencies and choose best offers. WorkAwayRecruitment placed myself and mates and we were happy with school we got and package. Should be aiming for 11-12D plus accomodation - salaries are slightly down last few years.
Hope this helps and best of luck


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Hello mam
I am Annapoorna from India.

I am on the process of attending interview on 1st of April 2019 through teach away consultancy, for teacher post in UAE MOE schools.
I am 53 now.
Can you please let me know how is the working condition over there.

Are they cooperative with expat teachers.
My family members are worried about the way we are treated

Can please give me some hints so that I can mentally prepare myself

Sorry to trouble you.


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