Auditor in Malta - salary, bonus and environment

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone with insight to the big 4 audit firms can help me with the questions below?

1. Salary- how much can a manager (7 years of big4 experience in busy office) reasonably make a year before tax? I read the pay is not high but saw manager roles in finance going at about EUR40k+ a year?

2. Bonus- what is the bonus like in big 4 firms in Malta? I think bonus isn't big in Europe, in Asia it's like 2-4 months in audit firms, but i read it's a lot less in Europe?

3. Work environment- how busy is it during peak period? Do you think the culture is more positive than negative? Does the shorter work hours in summer apply to the big 4?

Thanks in advance for any info that can shed some light on the above!

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