Chattanooga to Nashville - URGENT advice on areas

Hi Everyone

My husband and I have recently immigrated from Cape Town, South Africa, we chose Chattanooga thinking that it was going to be the place for us to settle down with our two kids. However, he found work in Nashville, an offer we could not refuse, and now find ourselves barely out of boxes and having to move up there. We REALLY need some advice.

His company is in Antioch and we are looking at 3 areas that we like. We really need URGENT advice and comments (pro's & cons) of these areas. They are: Nolensville, Murfreesboro and Mnt Juliet.

We looking for comments on schools, houses that aren't right on top of each other, lifestyle and community.

If anyone can help us we would be most appreciative. We need to make a call in the next few days it's SUPER URGENT!!
Many thanks!

There are web sites online that tell you about data regarding schools and towns go ahead and Google them

Yeah we have been on those but I was hoping to get some advice from ppl that actually live there...

thx!  :)

Hello, I read just now. Although I live in Nashville.

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