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I will open a Supermarket in Ho Chi Minh City, which sells foods, grocery, snack, daily, official products and so on, so I want to find suppliers and distributors in Ho Chi Minh City, anyone has some recommendations?

Mega Market Vietnam (formerly Metro) is the only wholesale market in HCMC now, Co.op Xtra Thu Duc is a substitute if need.

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Hope it helps. :)

Foreign investors open a supermarket in Viet Nam is not easy. You should search more about a procedure to open supermarket.
Generally,  you have to get three licenses to open: Investment licenses, Enterprise licenses, trade ( distribution, importation) licenses. It takes about over 3 month for your case. Actually, in Viet Nam, you will see not many supermarkets are owned by foreign investors, Lottle, Familymart; Crescent mall... Those investors are  enterprises, not individual. So you should contact more than 2 law firms, and ask them about individual can open supermarket or not ( as i know, individual can not open, but i am not sure)
About distributors and suppliers, i think i will have nice advices, and i will send to messages if you are interesting :)
Good luck !

Thanks, tristan 7684! It's very useful!

Hi, Huogvothi,thanks for your nice concern, im very interested in about the distributor and suppliers, please message me if you have any to recommend.  Thank you so much!


i worked for Japanese Aeon supermarket before, i know many supplier & distribution
pls do not hesitate contact me


Thanks for your reply! Great! Do you use whatsapp or viber? We can talk on them. My phone number is xxx. Thank you again!

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Hi, I'm interested to connect with supermarket suppliers as well as I'm supplying Thai supermarkets at the moment and would like to do so in Vietnam as well. Any suggestions and hints are much appreciated.

The term supermarket is a little unclear and can mean different things to different people.  Are you talking about an individual market maybe a little more than a convenience store or are you talking about going head-to-head with companies like Big C, which has a valuation of close to US$6 billion (with a B), or a Coop Mart, which has government links and support?  You are posting as an individual but do you have backing from China that will equal these stores?  Also, given the political climate, do you think a Chinese owned retail establishment would be well received?

This fairly recent article indicates that supermarkets are actually losing ground to traditional markets and convenience stores. … 12293.html

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