Looking for a decent compound with activities

Hello, I'm looking for a decent compound that has sports and social activities, my budget is around 80-100K

if you are in jeddah Sharbatly Compound

Hello everyone,

@contra6253, could you please drop your ad under the Housing in Riyadh section of the website.



I'm in Riyadh, thanks

If your budget can reach 160K I have good contact with very elite compound in Riyadh

If you want a compound with lots of activities, is quiet and the air is clean, look at Bonita Compound, 15mins north of Riyadh

Thank you, I will :)

Nice budget  👍🏼

Whatever you decide or regardless how much is your budget avoid AL REEM COMPOUND, it is a disastress.

Thank you :)

The best compounds for you is three I believe. I have another one but I'm not sure about their activities and services. Anyway, my Canadian friend is moving from KSA and he wants to find someone who can take the lease after his leaving next month.

He is in the best compound in Riyadh...

Which one ?

Hi wombat. Kiwi roo here. Do you know any good compounds in damman or al kobah

can you send me the contact my budget is 160k... email me at xxx
thank you

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Where do you live?

I have lived in California resort for about 2 years and find it very comfortable and many activities. You should contact them....

I am searching for the same criteria. Till now I found Ishbilia, FAL & AL Nakhla compounds

Hello Contra6253 ,
There are Granada, Green city, Waha , , Ishbilia , , Wadi Compound and many new compounds and complex with the facilities , I have  good knowledge of most residential compounds in Riyadh , for any help feel free to contact me at any time .

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