From Germany to Singapore: I'm Ready!

Hi everybody!
I am Mike, originally from Germany but lived in the States for the most part of my adult life and am headed towards Singapore in the next month. I want to find a good paying job and a decent place to live. Please advise me what is "out there",

Thank you,


You are asking us to advise but neither gave your educational background nor gave your current experience.

Anyway, to work in Singapore you must have a sponsor (means a company/employer who is willing to hire you) as you have to a valid working visa in order to work here. You may come and try your luck by searching jobs in a visiting visa for 30 days but chances are not that easy though. You can scroll down in this forum where we had discussed several times on same topic. Good luck.

There are some full-time jobs for English teachers, but even if your English is fluent it might be tough to get one if you're not a native speaker from a primarily English-speaking country.

Also note that most English teaching jobs in Singapore are not ESL jobs because English is the language of instruction in Singapore schools.

Depending on your expectations, a "decent place to live" can range from a sublet room with shared bath for S$800/month, a two bedroom HDB flat in the suburbs for S$2000/month, a three bedroom condominium with pool in a central area for S$4000/month to a (terrace) house with small garden for S$500/month or more.
But to rent any of these legally, you need to have a residence visa, e.g. a work visa. The minimum rental period is 6 months, but most landlords want one or two years fixed contracts. So during your initial (job search) period, you must (by law) stay in a hotel, hostel or serviced apartment (at substantially higher cost) - unless you have a friend who hosts you for free (Airbnb-style renting out of private rooms is illegal in Singapore!).
Regarding your job search: If you're unsure of your chances, you might want to start contacting companies and building a network before you come. You can then plan your trip after you have some leads and know how to approach them.
Remember that finding a job is not easy and will probably take a few months. Good luck!

You posted, within the last few days, messages about looking for a job in Ethiopia, Kenya and Egypt as well.
This will not work! To find a job (at least in Singapore, but I suppose pretty much everywhere else, too), you need to show dedication and purpose. Basically you need to convince the employer that hiring you is the right decision for him and for you.
Not knowing what you want and where usually precludes that (unless you have exceptional niche skills that the employer absolutely needs and cannot get elsewhere).

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