Canada background check for teaching in Vietnam

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Im new to this forum so thanks in advance for any help. I'm currently in Saigon and see some job ads ask for a background check. Are there any Canadians out there who know how to obtain this while abroad? I've found a service that will do it for $60 but I'd like to avoid paying thwt much or anything at all if possible.


Perhaps these employers ask for the criminal check up front as they don't want to hire you and then later find that you do not qualify for a work permit.

The RCMP allow online applications ($25CF) but require submission of digitized fingerprints. … tor-checks

There are specific instructions about how to do this for Canadians living outside the country.  They provide links to several companies that will digitize a set of ink based prints and forward them to the RCMP.  The one that I randomly checked wanted $200 plus the $25 fee.

I also found links to private Canadian security firms that will do name based checks mostly for employers and creditors, but they are not governmental.  That may be similar to your $60 check.  It is certainly possible that a VN consumer of the check would not recognize that it does not come from government, but if they do and reject it, you could be set back a chunk of time.

Just go to the Canadian consulate. They will fingerprint you and provide you with all the info and forms you'll need to get a CBC. The cost is listed on their website. I think it was either $50 or $75 (USD) when I got mine.  That was a couple years ago.

Last time I used a consulate service they had stopped accepting USD. VND was accepted.

Do not go to the Canadian Embassy for the CRC.  They will not help with fingerprinting, dealing with RCMP, document notarization, anything.  See website … ang=eng#B4

The Embassy in Hanoi and the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City do not provide fingerprinting or criminal record check services.

Unlike the US, the UK, Australia... all other countries it seems... the Canadian embassy is completely unhelpful in every way.  I have no idea what they are doing in there. Clearly, being of any service to Canadians is not in their job description.  Sitting around drinking beer and counting stacks of our wasted tax dollars that they are stuffing quickly into their pockets seems to occupy their full attention, leaving little time for anything else. 

Save your time and let them nap. 

If it is any consolation, the US consulate/embassy will not do fingerprinting or help you get an FBI check either.   It certainly does seem to be something that they should do, but they dont.

I forgot about that post. I recently needed to get a fingerprint check and yes the consulate no longer does that.

In addition to the link RCrash provided you may like this one:

International Organization for Migration

You can get fingerprints done there for about 65 USD.

You will also need the form authorizing the fingerprint check, as well as 2 copies of the fingerprint form itself. You have to put a thumbprint on the authorization form.

The guy that did mine (HCMC) was very helpful and spoke English. He helped me complete the forms. It takes about an hour and you should make an appointment.

They have offices in Hanoi and HCMC.

At RCrash's link click on the "Accredited companies" link to get instructions on how to get the CRC.

It's expensive- 3 to 5 hundred CAD depending on whether you need notarization and certification. I don't think you to but fact check that. It takes a week to 3 weeks depending on which service provider you choose.

Choose a provider from the RCMP website.
Pay them online.
Download forms and print them.
Get the fingerprints.
FedEx to provider. (you pay)
They digitize the prints and put them into the system.
Emailed result followed by hardcopy via FedEx. (included in provider's fee)

VietCanada has it right. 

1. I used IOM Hanoi.  Very good service - organized and efficient.  Cost $65US or $1,478,000 dong.

2. You need to choose a Canadian service provider first, as VietCanada states.  I chose
Commissionaires Ottawa
Diane Reece
ID Services Technician
(613) 231-6462 ext. 451

They will quickly send you the package by email that you need to print before you head over to IOM. Pay close attention to what you need to print before going to IOM.  One tip is copy both sides of the two pieces of ID you will be using, so that you then have it to send with the package.  This piece is not clear (not in the document checklist they provide - which is excellent otherwise). Once done at IOM you courier the completed package back to Commissionaires.

Cost here is $375.10 (Canadian).

3. Courier - I used FedEX. Cost 1,253,000 dong for delivery in about 4 business days.  I checked DHL which was about 100K more expensive. 

4. Next is as VietCanada states: they digitize the prints, send to RCMP, get the report (you have given them authorization in the package), email and courier back to you in Vietnam (included, thank god).

Courier price out of here is just plain nuts. 

Good luck.

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