I Want to Practice Speaking English with a Native Speaker

I am not bad in English and need some practice in spoken English as I don't get to speak English with people around me. I love to interact with simple and happy-go-lucky people.

We can talk, get to know a new culture, practice English, have a fun and meet a new friends. ... so ..... I'm looking for a partner, also friends, to practice English with me.

I am Saudi and  live in Riyadh, in the north of Riyadh, close to King Salman Road (Alyasmmen)

good luck

Me too , I want improve my speaking but I still not goood in english

Hi everyone,

You may also drop an ad either under the Language classes in Riyadh or Language exchange in Riyadh. Both section should help you to find suitable partners to learn English.

Best of luck


Try to watch English videos in youtube or watch English movies. That should help you improve your English skills. I had a teacher before and she used to correct me many times on how I should pronounce words. Grammar is also important.

Hi Yazan,

You can message me

I Want to Practice Speaking English with a Native Speaker too

me too is looking for someone whom i may have english speaking session, so that i would be able to improve my communication skills.  if someone is interested, please let me inform.

Mr. Fangary i am not a native speaker but if you would like you may do practice with me

Ms Lady in Riyadh may i know whey you are going to appear in ielts exam.  can you help me in improving my communication skills in english?

Shanix88 watching movies is not enough.  ielts exam is something different which requires techniques, preparation and lots of practice.  if anyone is interested practicing with me he/she may contact me.

Christoper could you please help me finding ielts partner?

Elbuthesh just do practice practice and practice....

Dear Coollearner,

Watching English movies would help you improve your speaking skills. You would also be familiar with some words that were not taught in schools. Writing is different to speaking since spoken English sometimes has a different sound. Like for example, in written English, you write "I want to go." However, in speaking, some would say "I wanna go."

IELTS exams usually train you to speak and write accordingly but that doesn't make you a professional. Practice is still necessary. And not only grammar but also the correct use of punctuation is important. When we write, capital letters should follow after a period.

Intonations are also necessary when one wants to speak good English. Intonations are when you know which syllable rises up. Like for example, the word "Interesting." It rises up on "In" and goes all the way with the other syllables. So you would pronounce it as IN-tresting. I'm no grammar guru but I have studied English and had a training. If there's an opporunitiy, I would love to take IELTS exam here in Saudi Arabia.

Yazan and Elbuthesh,

We can have a small conversation here and let me help you with what I have in store. English is a great language to learn with but you really need to practice this and be conscious with how you construct your grammar.

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Am not a native  English speaker but i believe i have the good command in speaking the language. One way i can suggest you is that you join a Toastmasters Club here in Riyadh. There are a lot of Toastmasters Club here. I myself is part of it. By the way, this club is for English public speakers who wished to develop their leadership and public speaking skills. It's an international organization. A very diverse institution. You can ask me if you have more questions. Also, you could hang out with other nationalities. Let's go out one time i guess. :)


thank you very much i like your advise .

I would suggest you take language classes for 2-3 months.
After that practicing on your own will help you a lot as then you will know the right tools and methodology to go around.
If you need any help let me know.
I can help you with getting to your goals.
I also take online english language classes.

YUP :top:

I'm looking for someone whom I may have English speaking session so that I would be able to improve my accent.  if someone is interested, please let me inform.

where are you from?

share your contact no or mail me.
thanks a lot.

Much appreciate.

I'm from Al Quwaiiyah - near triyadh

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