Second time traveler

Can somebody pls. help me with my concerns? Or share their experience if they had experienced my problem?

I'm going to travel to Kuala Lumpur then to Singapore and back to Philippines next month, i traveled to thailand last month but i got offloaded at first attempt. My boyfriend had to go here in the Philippines to take me along with him in Thailand. He did sign an agreement form in immigration. It has something to do about assurance that i will not stay in Thailand not more than 30 days and he is responsible for me.
My question is, can i travel alone this time and i'll just meet him in Singapore? I'm really worried that i might get offloaded again.

Why did you get offload? Was there any specific reason in your earlier history? As part of ASEAN members, you should not have an issue to travel Thailand. Is there something missing in your message?

There are many reasons as below could possibly the reason:

- Not having return ticket
- don't have accommodation details (hotel or place where to stay)
- not able to show sufficient funds to stay
and so on.

You can't say my bf will be my guardian and fulfill my financial requirements during stay, as there is no proof, he can write whatever which has absolutely no value unless he works in Thailand to support the claim. In that case only a guardian like parents, spouse can be considered. If you were offloaded earlier then from precautionary, take care the above points. Happy holidays ahead.

A prior immigration problem in Thailand will have no influence on your entry to Singapore.
So unless you had problems in Singapore before or the Singapore authorities don't want to admit you for other reasons, you should be able to travel to Singapore and meet your friend there.

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