Bahraini CPR while living in Saudi


Thanks for the info.

Would you mind telling me the cost of the whole procedure?

Are there 'set rates' for this type of assistance, or does it depend on the amount of time taken?

Any help would be appreciated.



It depends on how many members in your family as it’s more or less per person kinda thing and what type of paperwork you need and all that. It’s a long complicated story so I advise you to contact the agent, give him all the info he needs and he will get back to you with a quotation for what the government fees are and what his fees are.

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Shane, please PM me this agent who helped you with process. Thank you

Did you have to rent for a whole year to get the paper CPR?

Hello and good morning
Could you please recommend us an agent for helping us to get the CPR . Husband iquama , wife and two children only have visitor visa.
Thanks so much

I will let people put in references.

However to save time:

1) You can check on the internet for document clearing agencies in Bahrain and call them to see if they cover this area
2) Understand that if wife and children don't have Iqama for Saudi Arabia, you will NOT get paper CPR.  You MUST all have Iqamas (and be under husband sponsorship) to be able to get the paper CPR and the longer term multiple entry visa for Bahrain

I am Indian working working in Saudi. I am. planning to live in Bahrain with my wife. I want to apply for paper cpr. Please help me with agent details. Also i need some information from you

I have already listed the details in my previous posts.  Google for agent / document clearing agencies.

bagpus :

My husband works in Saudi and we live in Bahrain. We used an Agent here in Bahrain the first time and he took forever! He was a British guy. Then we were recommended the Agent below and he was really fast and efficient. He is not the cheapest but he is reliable! His name is Issa*

Can you please share the phone number of the agent Issa that you mentioned


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Secondly, read through the whole thread.  The poster you are asking hasn't been online on the forums for a year.   Therefore, as I mentioned, google document clearing agencies and call them to see if they can help with this.

Please send me the details of agent

Read what I wrote - use google search.

Hi XTang

My wife is Bahraini national and i'm pakistani. I'm working in saudi, how i can get bahraini Paper CPR or Card CPR?

She needs to sponsor you for a visa for you to get card cpr.

For paper cpr, your employer gives NOC. And you apply at immigration in Bahrain with that and other documents. Nothing to do with your wife.

Thanks for the info..
For sponsoring the visa, she need to have commercial registration (CR)? any company on her name?

No. Marriage certificate only. Its a family visa not a work visa.  But it will be applied directly in npra and not through lmra as its for dependents of Bahraini citizen.

Thank you for the information.. :)

Hi I know it was along time ago I’m having same problem and don’t know where to turn can you advise me please

Hi Bagpus,

I'm new to this, sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do I private message you to get the contact number of the agent?

Thanks for any help

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