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I am currently looking for an elementary teaching position in Dubai for the 2017-18 school year and I am seeking advice and assistance on the best way to stand out  and get short listed by schools when applying online. As well, are there any horror stories or schools people would strongly recommend avoiding and/or schools people would strongly recommend applying for.

Thank you for your time and replies to my post

Just depends on your experience and qualifications. I applied through Teach Away, and had schools contact me for interviews from several countries. Just make sure you meet at least the minimum qualifications, and it's even better if you have more than that.

Great, thank you for the reply. I have been in contact with them but find they mainly work with government schools and I am more looking for a private international school. Did you find yourself in a government school or private school?

A private American school :) there are lots of private school on TA!

That's awesome. Congrats. How do you enjoy living a teaching there?

Not there quite yet! Just accepted a position and will be traveling there late July :)

Fantastic, best of luck to you on your journey.

I applied for some on TES, I've been offered one in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but can't decide!!!

Dear Madame,

Go for best offer in terms of facilities ( accommodation,laundry,food), so the picture will be more clear, hopefully.

Good Luck

Hi there!! just wondering if you found a job yet. I am still job hunting and was hoping if you could give me some advice!

just wondering what your qualifications are and how you went about applying for the job. Thank you!

Aidah in my school there are position vacant and i sent you mesg private to ask something please check and let me know

Hi Welcome in Dubai ,
could you please share in which American school you are going to join
i am working also in American school😊

Please give the tips i want to apply as a English teacher, if you know the website maybe you can give it to me.

Hi, I’m also looking to move over to teach in Dubai 2017-18. I have one job offer but the salary is lower than I’d been told from people who I know that have or do work there. They need an answer before the new year.

Any advice on what salaries are typical of a Class Teacher (with 8 years experience) in a private International school. Also can you decline an offer after initially signing and accepting?

Thank you!

Hi Louise,

What did you go with? Did you have any problems concerns with the whole experience?


I am from South Africa but PR in Australia as well. I’ve applied for numerous jobs via Indeed, Bayt, TES, Teach Away etc and do not hear anything back from schools or recruiters. Should I be worried about something? I have 3 years experience teaching and know friends from SA who have been recruited with no experienced. Just trying to figure out if I am missing something.

Hi, I don’t think you have anything to worry about as some job applications are not even closed yet. I heard from a couple before Christmas but still waiting on the other schools I applied for too. I’d give it until February 👍🏼

I'm applying to several teaching jobs too in UAEngland and didn't get any reply (negative or positive) .is it because I'm fresh graduate with no experience? I'm also always asked to refer to my current employer but I can't since I'm still in my current job and didn't resign yet. 
P. S I work as flight attendant, would  that be an issue in getting a teaching job?

Here is a group has many schools searching for teachers in UAE.
Group name : CLICK Jobs

Good luck

How do I access that group?

Sorry I am new to Expat.com only signed up a few days agp

Why do you have to search for Dubai elsewhere when you already have an Australian PR? Go to Australia and search for jobs, hell loads are there and lifestyle in Australia is awesome.

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