Friends in Montpellier?

Hi everyone!

My name is Celia, I'm from Boston USA, and I've lived in Montpellier with my boyfriend since August. My boyfriend is French and I'm currently learning the language at a university here.

I've been finding it very difficult to make friends here because I don't speak the language too well and it's been very difficult and becoming increasingly so.

If anybody would like to start talking and then meet up at some point, just let me know, please!

Hi Celia

I'm in the same boat, I'm originally from New Zealand and don't speak alot of French but decide to move to Montpellier with my family. I love it here and understand how hard it is when you don't speak the language. Good on you for commiting to learn at the uni. I'm trying to find someone who will teach me privately but it's been a struggle so far and my girlfriend says she doesn't want to be my teacher.


I'm in the same boat too. I moved here to be with my French boyfriend who is also reluctant to teach me.
Have you found a tutor?

Where in Nz are you from? I lived in Auckland for 11 years and Wellington for a bit.


Go to, and look for language exchange - there   are several  :-)
I live in Sète, which is too far away for evening meetings.

Hi Natalie

I was born in Whakatane but lived in Wellington for 14 or 15.
Have been here nearly a year and still have no French tutor. I have not been looking very hard as i have been very busy with work and family life but really need to get on to it. I feel bad everytime i meet someone and have to make excuses for my lack of French.

How are you getting on here? Any luck with a tutor?


Sounds like my situation lol

I suppose you're young? There is an English café-bookshop,rue du Bras de fer,which is a meeting place for a lot of students eager to speak English. It's called..the English Bookshop 😁
There's also a sort of American wives club,but that might not be what you're looking for.
And welcome to our beautiful city!

I'll be arriving a week from Saturday - let me know if you're interested in meeting for coffee -

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