Cost of Shipping my Honda from Texas to Panay

I would like to ship my Honda goldwing from Texas to Panay, Philippines......just wondering about a price

Call  JoJo at  xxx (USA central time) He owns an import/export delivery service.  I am  sure he can advise you.  Or I can have him call you.  My email is xxx

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Let me know what your experience is or was shipping your car.Once at Philippines you'll pay about the same price as what your car is valued by the blue nook.Also be aware that you have to  request a permit from the Philippines governments office that deal with those permit,either way good luck,it would be cheaper if you shipped the car from California,if possible,the car must be on your name,and must be registered at least 6 months of the shipping date,good luck.

Forget it. Customs will seize it and hold it for a LOT of ransom money.

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