Studying in Angola

Hello everyone,

Would you recommend studying abroad in Angola?

Every year, 4 million young people from all over the world choose to study abroad for one semester or a full academic year. Would you encourage them to come and study in Angola?

In your opinion, what are the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country/area? Are these free of charge? If not, are tuition fees expensive? Are there many foreign students enrolled in these schools/colleges/universities? What is the main language of instruction at the university?

Thank you in advance for sharing!

Yes,i will encourage anyone who wishes to study in Angola but, the person must learn Portuguese language because that is the only accepted language in Angola.Thanks

Studying in Angola for an international student is a bad idea ,there are not any colleges and universities of international standards ,the language of communication is Portuguese so you have to know Portuguese first .the locals who are studing there are leaving their country to study abroad because of lack of proper education and the most important issue is of safety .