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Hi Michelle

I moved to Sweden last month for work and employeed. I am in Helsingborg where are you located in Sweden? Let us share information and experience of living here to make our stay easier and better.
Hope to get in touch. Have a good evening!!
Thank you and best regards

Good to know about you.. How is life and work in Stockholm?

Hi! Am a Kenyan in origin but recently relocated to Göteborg and searching for new friends. A shout out if interested.

Hi my name is Jacqueline and my husband and I are looking to move to Sweden from the USA within the next five years and live on a residence permit until we can apply for citizenship.  We are not coming for a job, but a love of the country and its people. Right now,  my biggest concern is looking for someone or some way we can get everything laid out for us on the exact steps to take. Does anyone have any reccomendations about who to contact (like an immigration consultant or something) or what to do because we are incredibly new to this and want to make sure we do everything properly? I would really appreciate it!

Thank you ☺


Planning to move, or at least try out Sweden.

Heard a lot of good things about the place, but ultimately wanting to see where this thing might go with a certain...someone.

Thing is, coming from the PH is quite difficult in terms of socioeconomic challenges/limitations, and just the processes and agencies one has to deal with.

Would anyone be able to give me a lead on a good way to, maybe land a job or an au pair program of some sort?

Just need to make my way there first and foremost, then figure it out from there.

I'm 25, working as an instructional designer/English instructor at the moment. Lived in the UK when I was 3 until 15~

Agrobo :

Hi! Am a Kenyan in origin but recently relocated to Göteborg and searching for new friends. A shout out if interested.

How are you doing buddy? Hope things going well with you. Keep in touch.
Have a great day.

Hi hi
I'm still trying to get what I need it
But thinks to be very hard to founding job for a hair designer in Sweden 👀
But I will keeping doing it
Thank you very much


I'm Polish living with my husband in Sweden for 2 years.
We came here to study, now we're working. We live in Hässleholm, close to Malmö.
Would love to meet other expats nearby :)


Hi Jacqueline,

I can highly recommend Agneta from Human Resource. She organized all our immigration paperworks, Swedish ID, bank account opening, utilities and even accomodation.



Hello Nadhiasals..
I am from Indonesia as well but i live in Varberg, i been here just 3 weeks with my husband, i have no idea living here at all, i want to work but dunno how to start as the languange is the problem. Nice to find Indonesian here.

This is abdul looking for work urgently in sweden because I'm really in need of it.

Hello over there , Actually i wanna travel and complete my studing in sweden ,i read alot of things about sweden and i shared alot of info about sweden in Twitter , But i think it's hard to me to move there. I hope to go to the Sweden one day who knows !


I have just joined this blog and it seems like a great way to connect with people
I am moving to Akarp near Malmo in a few months time and will be looking for jobs within the interior design industry (which is what I currently do in London).

If there are any other designers or Malmo expats open to sharing their expereince of moving then I'm all ears:)


I have recently moved to Kungälv, near Gothenburg after travelling here for 5 years with my Swedish partner. I just finished university and I am job hunting here.
I love the swedish culture and I am very excited to make some new friends if you are interested drop me a message!  :)


I'm Lilo. I'm from the Philippines. I recently moved in Göteborg, Sweden with my husband. Would like to meet fellow expats living in Göteborg. I'd also like to know those who just moved here like me. Looking forward to here from anyone. :)

Best regards,

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lilocn :


I'm Lilo. I'm from the Philippines. I recently moved in Göteborg, Sweden with my husband. Would like to meet fellow expats living in Göteborg. I'd also like to know those who just moved here like me. Looking forward to here from anyone. :)

Best regards,

Hi Lilo

Kumustaka :) . Welcome to Sweden. I am in Helsingborg and just moved here before 2 months. Hope to hear from you soon further.

Take care and have a nice time.

Hi I am Abdulla from Bahrain, looking forward to move to Sweden to achieve my Business and Technology goals.

Awesome, live in Sweden is very interesting as a Tourist but to actually stay in Sweden, you need to be prepared for the cold weather and hash winter. It can take you 1 year to learn Swedish and of course Sweden is a very welcoming country

Hey, I can actually help you out if want. I live in Stockholm

Hi I'm new in here. I am from Philippines and planning to go and visit sweden with the help of my cousin who is living in stockholm.
Can you kindly help me for what documents do i need? My cousin will help and will help me a supporting documents that he will be the one who will be incharge in everything when i get to sweden. Kindly teach me what to do and what documents should i present in the embassy. Thank you.

God Morgon everyone  :D

Ah I haven't used this website since 2014 I think but I am back with new plans in life  :)
I am Natasha and I come from Athens , Greece.

If everything works out I will probably be moving to Sweden , 99% in Malmö  :heart:  Would be a great experience for me.
Also I am learning Swedish now! It is challenging but I'm loving it! Any tips or advice always welcomed!
It's so nice to meet you all! :up:

Hi ,

I have a question. I will move to Malmo soon and I was looking at the housing situation. How difficult was it for you to find a suitable apartment or house?


I'm new to this forum and I currently live in Stockholm. I've been in Sweden for 5 yrs and I'm Vietnamese, I do not have many friends here. Feel free to text me if you want to have a friend to chat and share things in life :)

Hi all,

I am Olivia. Moving to Stockholm from Washington, D.C.
Looking forward to explore the country and  its culture while making new friends.
Also, professionally, would love to get involved with energy business here in Stockholm  as well.


Hello, T

I am a Cameroonian born Swedish citizen living in Stockholm. Will mind sharing friendship with me? 😉

I am a Cameroonian born Swedish citizen living in Stockholm. Will mind sharing friendship with me. I will glad to show you off in Stockholm and likewise practice my English :) 😉

Hi good friend,

I am a Cameroonian born Swedish citizen living in Stockholm. I will be happy to share friendship with you if you don't mind and looking forward to learn from some of traveling experience. I


I have moved to Gothenburg a month ago with my husband. It's a beautiful city. I am SAP certified consultant with more than 9 years of experience and looking for a job. I have a valid work permit till June 2019. Could anyone please help if there are any SAP jobs available.

Best regards
Aditi Kulkarni

Hej!  I'm Oz from London, I just moved a couple of months ago and am now residing in Gothenburg with my partner !  Loving Sweden so far, hopefully pick up the language fast and live out my days :D


Just moved to Stockholm and I work as a Software Developer here. Enjoying things so far. Trying my best to thrown down with learning Swedish as I live here. Feel free to let me know if any cool events are going on around these parts

All the best

Good morning!

I am moving to Stockholm in January. I'd love any advise on finding a job before I move. I have experience as a nanny, waitress, and in fitness management. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. :)


Hi Elie

Nice to hear you are coming here. Where are you from?  Stockholm is a nice place but houses are expensive. A room in an apartment cost 4000kr per month and you will still have to pay one or two months guarantee. As for jobs, fitness management will be a good try otherwise you could try a step in job like school fritids ledare (school free time activities leader) or something like students assistance which is very easy to get a job with. After then which you may search for for your dream job. It will be a nice experience for you I hope :)

Are you looking for job only in your city?


I'm Jennifer and I am from Canada and I live in Orebro with my Swedish Partner whom I met during travels in Prague. I'm a flight attendant so I love to travel, music, reading and writing. I hope to meet some new people here in Sweden and learn more about Swedish life!


Hej Hej!

My name is Katie, and I am a PhD Student at Chalmers, living in Gothenburg. I'm born and raised in Canada, and for the past 3.5 years lived in the USA (Houston and Ohio).

I will be here for approximately 4 years, and I am hoping to jump right into Swedish life. I know it will take some time to adjust, but I am very happy to be here.

I am always up for meeting expats and exploring the city.

Katie :)

Hello everyone!

My name is Izabela and I am a young, positive and talkative woman from Slovakia trying my luck in Sweden - Gothenburg. One can call it a "love migration", but honestly if the country would not be close to my hard from the start, I would never even consider this option.

I would love to work in administrative or human resources area which interests me the most and from which I already have previous experiences and university studies.

While adapting on life in new and different (and beautiful!) country and learning language I am trying to also build my network and meet as many people as possible to avoid any loneliness because, you know, winter is coming :)

Lets have some fika in the city!

I'm getting married to a sweedish girl. I'd like to know how will the immigration work once I'm married and decide to move to seeedan

Hi! My name is Mars from the Philippines. Last June I had a chance to visit Sweden and fell in love with the country. I'm thinking of moving to Sweden but don't know where to start. Maybe someone can give mo advice or at least share your story. Appreciate it and thanks! :)

Hello All,

I am from Nepal and will start working working in Stockholm. Before moving to Sweden, I have stayed in India and Germany. I am an Engineering professional and a recent graduate. I love traveling and hanging out with friends. I like to do outing as much as possible. I love to observe people and know more about them. In my free time, I like to take a long walk, cook and watch comedy series. I love adventure.

I will be starting my new career in Stockholm and would welcome to hear any advice for a new professional.

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