New members of the Sweden forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Sweden forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Sweden if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hej god morgon

I am interested in moving to Sweden, but only in dreams. I would like a lot, but think it would be very difficult to me.  But I'm very fond of Swedish stuff, and dreaming is free...

God dag!

I am from Singapore, soon relocating to Sweden to be with my Make.

I am plannng to go to school to learn Swedish and at the same time, I would like to find a job so that I can know the locals and learn something about the culture.

Anyone would like to share your experience & advice, feel free to share ok..


Hi,i m an indian.residing in stockholm. Seeking job in stockholm.i m new in town. I m an indian pls help me to find job in town &also share ur experience   
To know the culture & activities.

Hello to everyone!

As a chef,I am looking for new challenges and l would be happy to get a chance to meet closer Sweden culinary culture and mentality :-)

Hi there - moving to Gothenburg in May as my husband has been transferred for work. Currently living in london and leaving it all behind! eeek!

I love the Malmo city and interested in moving to Sweden. Living in LA and hoping to move there for further studies...

hi im indian chef from india as im indian cuisine chef i have 16 year experience about authentic indian food from five star hotels restaurant resort club and catering now im looking job abroad if somebody looking indian chef you can contect me


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Hej !

I've been lookingto move to Sweden for a while now, with my wife.

We've already been spending a few weeks in Dalarna and we travel to Stockholm at least once a year. We're learning swedish.

If you have any experience or advice to share, I would be happy to have a chat with you =)

Hi there, we're currently living in Norrköping but will move to Stockholm in the summer. My husband and I have lived all over the world (North America, Africa, South East Asia, other European countries, and the Middle East) and Stockholm is our next stop for a few years!

Looking to meet friends with similar interests. We have a dog and a 3 month old baby.


I'm a chef from Newcastle, England.  I'd love to live in Stockholm.  I'm currently in Stockholm now any advice about looking for jobs would be amazing.

Thanks guys!

Am Nyambura, came from Kenya to Karlskrona, Sweden in November last year. Working as a Software Developer. Looking to make new friends, travel all over Europe etc :-D

Hi everybody! :)
I have been living and working in Sweden for 20 years.
Planning to move to Malta.

Hi everyone!

My name is Daniele and I have been living and working in Sweden for 2 years more or less.


How do you like it here so far?  :)


I am from Mongolia and living in Malmö with my family since August. I am interested in getting in contact with French speaking people.


Hej Hej

My name is Christos and am coming from Cyprus am going to relocate soon in Sweden , if anyone knows someone who is hiring experienced pastry chefs, or visual merchandisers do not hesitate to drop a line, my education consists of a business administration degree  and a diploma in pastry and baking, i also love learning languages so i speak GREEK, ENGLISH, level 2 of spanish and italian, and i currently learn swedish.

Thanks for reading this:)

Hi all!

I'm Michelle. I'm a South African (Filipino descent). We'll be moving to Malmö next month for work purposes.

Looking to connect with fellow South African, Filipinos and expats alike.

Cheers! Thanks!

Hi Michelle,

Im glad to see your post here "Kabayan" Im a New member and also Will be relocating to Sweden next month so i got interested on your post.. i am also from Philippines and would like to get in touch with My fellow Pinoy.

Hi Arienne,

Thank you for the reply, kabayan. Also trying to look/connect with fellow expats. Where about in Sweden will you be relocating?



I am Firghana from Aceh, Indonesia
I have been looking for a job in Sweden or other countries.
I am willing to move soon
FYI, I completed my Masters in development studies at University of Malaya, Malaysia

Thank You


I am Christa from Indonesia. I Am married with UK citizen. I am planning to follow and stay with my husband in varberg. He is working as a chef around there. And I really don't know about hows life in sweden looks like.. But i would like to make some connection there. And I am  doing some business here in Indonesia. Dunno how to start there. I have no clue at all. Well who knows when i meet right people to set up business then we can join together to make it work as i have so many experinnce on doing business.

Thank you..

I moved here last week as my partner works in sweden.  Enjoying it so far but studying most of the time at the moment!

Hello Everyone

Jade here (SpiderZA).

I am born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa.

We are hopefully moving to Sweden through my Husbands work soon.  Not sure if Gutenberg or Jarfalla yet.

I would love someone to bounce questions off until we go over, be warned though....I can ask a ton of questions :D

Hope everyone has settled in nicely or at least that your plans are going smoothly :)


Jarfalla will be close to the capital, if you are moving first time to the country.

Thank you Raun.

I have looked at the maps so many times although it really means nothing to me since i don't know the country :(

I was looking at the map this morning and saw that Uppsala (Which has 2 schools that might suit our needs) is workable as a living area should my husband work in Jarfalla?  Would you say it is advisable or should we look elsewhere?

Do you know what the rental market is like?


Hi all!

I'm Monica. I'm  VietNamese. I'll take vacation to Sweden by end of this year.

Looking to connect with expats alike.

Cheers! Thanks!

Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and I  are moving to Malmö in August. We are both Germans, I come from the north, she comes from the south. The reason we move is a great job opportunity.

I hope to meet many engaged and interesting people here.

Cheers, Satia

Hej hej!
I live in Greece and I am planning to move to Sweden.But as I figured out,its very difficult to come alone.I am in A2 lvl in swedish and I dont have anyone there.

Thank you.Kristian!


Hi I'm a web developer/Programmer moving to Sweden with my girlfriend , but if anyone has any sort of job ideas please let me know xxx

Hi members of this forum,

I am interested in moving to Sweden to work and eventually I am planning to get Swedish citizenship.

Thank You.

Hi Everyone 🙂

Im indonesian and looking for friends here, im currently living in Göteborg,

Right now im still using schengen visa while waiting for my resident permit, so i cant really work for right now
i've been here for a week and my boyfriend is working so im kinda bored just being home and still dont have much friends yet, so it would be fun to hang out with new friends :)

Please send me a messesage if there's anyone want to hangout with me 😃

Hi there, likewise married and waiting for decision from immigration. I am from Singapore and we live in Malmo. If you here nearby, we can hang around together..

Hope we will find some friends soon :)

Good luck & enjoy your stay!

Hallå everyone, I am a conceptual/creative art director working in the field of advertising.
I am originally from India, where I have worked for around five and a half years.
I am currently working in Dubai, UAE for the past two years as a Senior Art Director.
I am interested and would love the opportunity to work in Sweden (no city of preference) as I am very fascinated by it's art scene, culture, natural beauty, weather, and environmentally friendly stance.
Hope to get some assistance, insights, help, guidance into getting to work full time in this beautiful country.
Tack, Cheers!
P.S. I am trying to learn Svenska, let's hope I do it well :)

Hej! I am going to be transfered to Stockholm in the near future (no date yet). I joined the site in the hopes of learning more about the country, getting tips and making new friends.

I am from Brazil, but I also speak a fair amount of German, French and Spanish.

Hi everybody

I would love to move to Sweden one day though it seems impossible now. But all things are possible right? I guess there is no cost to dreaming.

Would love to chat and learn more about Sweden.

Hello, my name is Cristina and I have just moved to Stockholm from Italy.
I have been working for a Swedish organisation for the past two years but from home. And now I will be working from HQ.

Looking forward to receiving tips and advice. thank you

Hello, i am recent inhabitant in Sweden. I arrived for job here, and after i finished, i am now in the stage of looking for a new job.

I  am experienced with computer science, have knowledge in publishing image/video, tourism business etc., worked 6 years in the UK.

My background is complex but i like it as it is, as well as i like being a multicultural person.

I speak very basic Swedish though. Not a language learner yet, but it is a must...

Any comments are welcome !

Hej Hej!  :cheers:

My name is Boston I'm from Australia and I have recently arrived in my partner's home country of Sweden on a "12 Month Working Holiday Visa" with high hopes of staying in Sweden on a much longer term basis.

So far I absolutely love living here in Stockholm, the people have been so welcoming, kind and helpful and I'm so excited to see what 2017/18 have in store for me here  :D

I have one question for you guys, does anyone know If I can apply for the Sambo Visa here in Sweden seeing as I am just beginning my Working Holiday Visa?

Any help would be much appreciated & don't be shy to holla at me for a chat!  :top:

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