New members of the South Korea forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the South Korea forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in South Korea if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello! I'm a Tennessean moving to Daegu next month! I have never lived outside of the US and have no acquaintances in SK so I am looking to meet some new folks and have some fun adventures.

Hello every one, my name is Patricia Ferreira. I live in Africa, Swaziland. I have been in South Korea back in 2008, it was an awesome experience living there. Friendly people, I went sight seeing their beautiful country, I got a job in a pre-school. I really enjoyed their food as well especially the fermented cabbage, Kimji. I want get come and work there again as an Aupair.

Its an amazing country with a lot to offer, I would suggest you take this opportunity and use it wisely. Its a great place to be, great people, beautiful culture and so much to learn.


Moving to Incheon at the end of the month, never been to South Korea so I'd love any tips you have, or just say hello :)


I am from India (currently living in Chicago) and will be interning at Incheon in May and have never been to South Korea before. Would love for any tips on living there or just
say hello :)

Hi, I'm Kaya, i'm french ( currently living in paris ) and I would love to do a 6 months internship in South Korea ( Seoul mostly ) . Starting from September 2017 til March 2018. I travelled to SK back in 2014 and I loved it as a tourist. Now i wanna experience another side of the SK society.  If you got any advices or tips . Please share it !
Any help is welcomed :)

Nice to meet you !
Itaewon is really an international area in Seoul. So if you ever missed some species or just some western food you can go there and you'll find it. It is also a great place by night.
I would definitively recommend you to do the 5 palaces of the city of Seoul. They are amazing. You just don't wanna miss the King Sejong Museum. It is so full of history and culture.

In summer time, Enjoy the cold noodles and patbingsu. It is literally delicious and refreshing !

I wanna tell you so much more but i don't think there will be enough place here to write them all. looL

Contact me in private, i'll reply as soon as i can

Hello to everybody! My name is Aliya, I am moving to Daegu in two months, at the moment I live in Kazakhstan, basically I am moving here to live with hubby. Been to Korea several times, also used to travel abroad but never lived anywhere except my motherland. Little nervous but hope everything will be just fine. Hope to make new friends in Korea!!!

I am Rufus Saysay. I will love to have a job , teaching English in South Korea. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in General Agriculture, and is a candidate for the  Master's degree in Environmental Science from Cuttington University in Liberia.

Hey world!

I just moved to South Korea. I hope I can meet lots of new friends and why not a good job too.

I'll see you around!


My name is sarah am planning to move to south korea to teach because am a teacher by proffession
I believe I will enjoy the country

Hi there,

My name is Patricia and I am from the Philippines.

I am planning to move to South Korea (no specific date yet) but I would like to get a job first before doing so. Any suggestions?

Hi everyone and welcome on board.

@ Jasminnix, i suggest you read the articles in the Living in South Korea guide  specially the articles concerning work and drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website : Jobs in South Korea, where you will be able to create your cv.

All the best,

Hello there Bhavna,

I appreciate your response. I'll look on to that. :)

Hi ;
I'm from Istanbul ,Turkiye and I will be at Seoul at the first week of April as a tourist.
Which areao should I stay to see the city and to be near to the touristic places?
Which places do you advice me to visit? Anything about Gangnam ?

Hi everyone! My name is Tanya. I'm going to Incheon,South Korea in the end of May. Who are from this city?

Hi all, My name is Baraa from Egypt. I hope to know people from Korea. Is there anyone in Korea in Egypt at this time?

hi dear i would like to ask you for help .... am moroccan living in doha working for a big airline but i want to move to south korea for study or work what you advice me steps i need to do to move there safely ?

Hello everyone, I am Dovlet Tekeyev. Currently studying Korean in Silla University in Busan. I can speak 6 languages including Turkmen : Russian, Uzbek, Turkish, English and a little bit Korean.
I am interested in Sports in general. Martial arts and soccer specifically.
I can establish efficient communication with people and have good social skills.

Hi, I am Lex. I'm from New York, and I go to Korea a lot, because of my work. I like culture in Korea, it's attracting.

hi i'm steven from iran but i live in ulsan Korea
i wanna live here forever and now i looking for job
if can help me please text to me be ***
thank you so much .

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Hi :)
i am Irina. I lived in Korea for 7 years then started my master degree studies in Europe last year. But now I am back to korea for summer vacation. So, I am up for hang out! :)
P.S.: I plan to study spanish or french so It would be nice to meet someone native :)

Hello everyone ~
I'm Mama, 27yo, a French girl expat in Seoul since 2014.
I've come for learning Korean for 6 months in Yonsei at first and met my current fiance and I've never left the country since then... I've done a year with a Working Holiday Visa and then changed again to a student visa. Nowadays I'm still learning the language but in SNU, and I am working part-time in a software company.
I am a Korean food lover and I'm very interested in Korean history (looking for very good books btw).

Nice to meet you ~

Hi everyone,

Im Reynante Mosende, just callme Rey from Philippines, im a job seeker, seeking your help to find me a good and decent job in south korea :)
I want to work and leave legally in SK :)

Hey everyone,

I am moving to Bucheon from Toronto Canada at the end of the month and I would love to be in touch with people. I love playing sports (specifically volleyball and ultimate frisbee), going out at night for a few drinks, travelling, going to the beach and hiking.

Hello every one.
Nice to be the member of this group.
I am from VietNam.

I'm an Indian living in Seoul from March 2017.
I have not many friends in SK so I am looking to meet some new folks and have some fun adventures..!! :D

Hello everybody! My name is Larry Meneses, I am from Colombia. Now I am working in Kenya as an Engineering Manager for a construction company. I am planning to move to South Korea and at the moment I am looking for a job there. I f anybody knows any job opportunity or how to get a job please let me know:))

Hi to everyone

I am Guillaume, I am french and I discovered South Korea, especially Seoul, the last year to practise martial arts. I felt in love for this country and for a girl who is my girlfriend now...
I planned to live in Asia since a long time and now I am going to live in Ilsan after my massage graduation.

I am mainly here to get some informations about the massage therapist job in Seoul, how and where could I apply for this job etc...

Hi everyone!

I come from Ireland and I am studying in Daegu, South Korea for 1 year!
I'd love to meet some new people from other countries and have some great adventures in this amazing city! :D


I'm am Greg, a German living in Seoul from March 2017.
I have not many friends in SK so I am looking to meet some new folks and have some fun adventures..!!  :top:

Hi. My name is Melodie and I have just arrived in South Korea from the USA and staying with a friend. I am anxious to find employment and a place to live with my daughter who is with me and will be attending a University here. Looking forward to meeting new friends!

Hi, my name is Yoli, I'm currently teaching ESL in China but I hopeI can someday move to South Korea. I'm from Mexico and I'm all about music and multimedia. I'm here looking for new friends in Asia :)

Hi ,everyone!
I'm currently a college student . I want to do masters in economics  from south korea and want to obtain fulltime job there. Can anyone please advise me regarding  job opportunities for an Indian student in the above mentioned field?Also please  let me know job prospects for an Indian student after perusing mba from south Korea.

Hi All

I'm Peter, originally from England, but have spent many years working in Asia building trains.  I Have just moved to South Korea (Changwon) yesterday (06/10/2017 and I'm currently staying at an hotel.  I would like information on renting either a house or apartment, i will be living here for 2 years plus, also car hire.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
(I will be working at Hyundai Rotem Facility)



Hi I'm from India. I'm a student in a college. And I want to know if there are any job opportunities in Seoul for  international studentsafter persuing masters in economics in south korea.

Hi, my name is Arsy, just arrived here 3 days ago and new @Itaewon. Come from Indonesia wondering if there is friends does speak English or Arabic around.
Have a nice weekend..☺

my name is sung gwan, hyoung from In-cheon.
you can call me Jacob.
I'm so interested in German.
and I like traveling and making foreign friends.
I think we could become a good friend each other.
best regards

Hi, Are u from South Korea?

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