New members of the Poland forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi Everyone! My name is Mark, I have recently moved to Łódź from Warsaw and I am orginally from Northern England.  I wish to meet new friends in this beautiful city to have conversations with, beers and food.  I speak English at a native fluent level and basic Polish which I am trying to improve.  I love travelling and live music.  I hope to hear from other members in the area soon :) Thanks for reading!

Hi Brittany,

My name is Beth and your message caught my eye  since I live in Kennesaw, GA!  I also have a Bach of Science degree in Education and taught for 5 years in public schools in New Jersey.  I'll be visiting Poland on 09/25 and will be travelling around the country for almost 3 weeks.  My desire has always been to live in Poland and teach there but I am assuming I do need a TEFL certificate?  How are things going for you since you began work there?  Do you have any advice?

Kind regards,


Hello everyone- my name is Beth and I am from GA, USA.  I am a native English speaker with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and taught professionally for 5 years.  I've attended the University of Worcester, England on exchange and traveled throughout the UK and Ireland.  I've studied Spanish for 7 years...   have been learning Polish... looking to teach English and live in Poland... love researching,  traveling, baking,  linguistics, coffee, beer... hope to meet new friends while visiting.  Greetings to all!

Czesc Mark- 

I introduced myself in the current thread. How are you enjoying living in Łódż? 


Hello ,

I'm issam from Morocco , i work in Wroclaw as IS analyst ,  i am a person who is positive about every aspect of life , i speak arabic , french , english and started learning polish , nice 2 meet you all :)

Just sent you a reply, Beth!

Hi :)

My name is Martin, I am 33 male and I am actually not an expact anymore.
I am living in Poland ans it is my home countru.
I just would like to meet some new people from all over the world here in Warsaw, Poland.
If anyone would like to get some new Polish friends here, please don't hesitate to write me :)
I would like to get familiar with your stories. Why are you here, why you chose my country, if you like to be here, what do you think of Poles and our country.
Hope I will make some friends here :)



I'm a kiwi who's been living in London for 17 years and married to a Polish girl with 2 kids. We are looking to move to Krakow in July and wanted to get any tips on best place to live with kids in Krakow. A company that can help us find a nice 3-4 bed house to rent and the best private primary school.

Also if there are any groups we can join to meet people and extend our social network. Look forward to comments.


Hello everybody,

I am Mariam, already 1 year living in Warsaw, it is really cool here, I moved from Georgia and happy to be here, I am a student, but  only way what is so hard for me to fnd a job :D just hope everybody does have good life here and if smb can help me please feel free to contact ^_^

Best regards,

Hey guys,

I am Ela, I am from South Africa, and moving back to Poland next year. I left Poland when I was a little girl and I can't wait to introduce my husband and two sons to the wonders of Europe, it's very different to South Africa.

We will probably be settling in Krakow, hoping to meet some new friends when we get there, as it can get lonely in a new country.

Have a fantastic day further.


Hello, All!

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself.

I am a world traveler and lover of culture and learning, having lived in France, Germany, the United States and China.

I am not about to hang up my traveling shoes: Poland is my next destination!

I plan to relocate to Szczecin in about 6 months and make use of the wondrous railway system to explore all of Poland, and the former East Bloc countries. Along the way I hope to meet amazing people and learn more about the history and culture of the nations I would like to visit.

Oh, the questions!

The logistics of relocating independently - not for work or because of family, can be staggering. To that end, I hope to talk with others who have taken this plunge and came out on the other side can help me figure out how to buy health insurance, find an apartment and navigate residence permit bureaucracy.

Can anyone help with this? Has anyone relocated to Szczecin recently? Would you share your experiences, please?

With wishes for a good day;


hi Rizza, this is Ann, I live in Katowice. Are you still in Poland?

Hello everyone!
I'm Iga, from Warsaw and I work in an Estate Agency "Creative".
If anyone is looking for a flat to rent in Warsaw or if you want to buy one, I'm here to help.

I am also a student of University of Life Sciences here, so if u need any information I can help on this field aswell.  :cheers:

ex brummie living near Lublin, glad you are enjoying it here, I love it

I am sreenath from india. I have already processed my application for warsaw university of technology for Msc aerospace engineering. Kindly advice me the possibilities of getting a part time ?


Hi from Singh, I am Indian student studying in Denmark.. I will move soon to Poland 🇵🇱 .. I need some information about driving license and going to make a new thread for it. Please help me with it..

Thank you

Hi all,

My name is Jia and I will be moving to Warsaw very soon as a teacher. I am from Malaysia and am looking forward to moving there!

I will be moving to Warsaw alone and do not know anyone from Warsaw so I would like to hear from you all and also have some tips on making this big move in my life.


hello ,

i am suresh

Hi Everyone!
Merry Christmas & happy New Year!

I am Ash, an environmental engineer/consultant by profession, here in the city for work. looking some english speaking friends from around the world in warsaw. I have good living experience in other EU states for study, work, conferences, etc, in the past few years.
I like to explore the city & life here. Would appreciate if get any feedback to get around/ socializing.


Merry Christmas & happy New Year!  Ash, how r u?

สวัสดี Ping,


I am an English guy recently moved to Poland from Thailand lived in Bang Na (Bangkok) for many years. I speak a little Thai as well as Polish.

I will be good to talk to someone who also misses Tom Yum Gung and Good Kow.

Feel free to message me.


Thanks Suresh, am fine

Hi Herbie, welcome aboard

Hi Jia, will be nice to have u here and can shareinformation about living here when u arrive or when need

Hi IgaCreative, I need to know about the research opportunities in the university of life sciences,  particularly relevant to environmental science  or engineering.

Hi All!
My name is Joanna and I am Polish. Since I spent more than three years in Switzerland and two years in the US, I know very well how difficult it can be to move to a new country ;) I live in Warsaw now and would be happy to meet and talk if you want. I am a concert pianist and a piano teacher so if you or your kids are interested in piano lessons (starting from February or March), please let me know. I speak English and German (and Polish obviously). Here is my website: [link moderated]

Happy New Year!

nice to talk to you, but sorry i have no kids i am single. ;)

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year...!!!

My name is Elrico, and I'm an IT professional living in South Africa. I've only been to Ukraine once, for a few weeks, but that was enough to make me fall in love with Europe.

I'm looking to make a change of scenery, if you will, and would love to work and live in Poland. Do any of you perhaps know what the best cities in Poland is to get a Job in IT, as I would really like to continue my career abroad. What qualifications would I need, e.g. Diploma, Degree, Microsoft Certifications?
Also are there any South Africans in Poland, I could get in contact with?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Hi Ash,

Sorry for my late reply...was travelling with work.

Thank you for your greeting nice to hear


Hi Jia,

I know Malaysia very well especially Penang, Johor Baru and of course KL.

With moving from Malaysia it is a big step especially as far as the temperature is concerned.

I wish you all the very best with your move and I am sure many people on Expat as well as myself will be happy to help you settle.

I am generalising but the vast majority of polish people are friendly at the core but need to get to know you first, over time they open up and are very welcoming.

Good Luck..and bring a coat


I am the citizen of Nepal.I am in processing to come there in polland in working please guide me.

Hi Guys & Galls! I just recently moved to Krakow and it'd be great to find some other expats/ locals to hang out with, so if you have any suggestions id'd be all ears :)

I heard alot that Warsaw is the center of everything. Fortunately your career is easier to find job abroad. Go fight for it.
For me, I am all time working as the auditor and tax consultant in the professional firm hahaha in Thailand it is easy to find job. but when seeing me from Polish recruiter, it is so hard. :(

Hello, Everyone!

I am a freelance writer with a steady gig (going on a year) who earns enough to live in Poland's economy.

The question is: is this type of work considered 'work' under the EU's and Poland's laws, so that I could get a residence permit?

I would really appreciate your input on this most vital question.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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