New members of the Maldives forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

hi there.. newbee here,,, wanna make friends to all...


I am Shenal from Sri Lanka.

Just want to know how it would be for a family to live? Discussions are on in terms of joining an organization.

Just want to know the living conditions and cost of living etc.. How is it for kids?

Newbie here. Just wanna ask anyone who knows mohonu vani diamond house in kaashidhoo ? Is it a nice place? Thank you

Dear All,

How about the evenings at Male? Is it boring? What are the extra activities for a family to get involved in?

Hi I am zameer
I am seeking a business partner
i am trying to start business.

Plz concact

Hello - just landed last night...

Any rugby, footy, cricket here ???


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