New members of the Italy forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Ciao Tutti,

This is Nick, Kenyan, currently learning Italian and seriously considering a move to either Rome or Florence (final decision to come in a couple of months). Hoping I'll get a chance to know some of you as well as exchange ideas and experiences.


Hi, I'm Erika. I came to Italy for my Master's program and am living here while I wrap up my thesis. I hope to continue to live in Italy/Europe for a while. I'm interested in meeting new people.

I don't have too much to say right now.

Hey guys,
Im hoorain. I plan to come to italy to pursue my bsc and so on. I have bewn to italy twice and i find the place to have a peaceful atmosphere. I would certainly appreciate your advice with regards to the univ selection and bsc programmes. My interest is in business, finance, accounting and economics.

I am expact in Milan and would like to have some new friends.

we are a family of 5 and came to Umbria near the Tuscany border last year. We own a B&B property but are not running it at the moment.
We'd like to meet people in the area. We speak German, English and Spanish in the family.
Cordiali saluti

My name is Marie.  I am a middle-aged American woman from Boston, MA, (via Los Angeles, New Jersey, Baltimore, and a few other places)  housesitting in Viareggio for a few months. (I've been here almost a week now.)

Professionally, I am an executive coach and leadership development consultant.  I often work remotely which is, of course, what I'll do from Tuscany.  Some of the time I will be on my own and my husband will join me for part of the time.

I'd love to meet some expats in Tuscany... Viareggio, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno, even Florence.  I like cooking, hiking, reading, knitting, biking,traveling, art, tea, cats...


Hi everyone !

I have lived in Italy for 10 years, but recently moved to Milan. I am a northern English lad working for an Italian Brokerage firm (Im' also hiring). If anyone if up for a laugh and a few beers, give me a shout.

Ciao !


Hi all,

I will be moving to Lecco in January and would love to find out if there are groups near there as I can't seem to find much on that area, the closest thingsnmay be based in Milan. If anyone is near to Lecco or knows much about the area, I would love to hear about it :)


Hello guys

I am Dogukan. I am an animator in  Turkey... I am not planning to move to Italy but I have a business plan about bringing  hair transplantation clients from italy to Turkey.

If anyone would intrest, feel free to  pm me.


Hi there,

My name's James and I'll be moving to Turin with my partner Selina in February this year (2018). She will be studying a Master's degree at the University of Turin whilst I am looking for work. My area of interest is fitness, preferably to work in a gym. Also whilst I can understand most Italian my speaking is basic so whilst I hope to improve my Italian on this journey I need a job which uses English to be my best.

Please do let me know if anyone can help! P.s we will be living near the University.

Hello Expat community!

I'm not sure if there is a new 2018 thread, so I'm posting here.

My name is Erin. I currently live in Boston as a freelance UX designer and marketer. My goal is to move to Asti, Italy this year or early next year.

Looking forward to meeting and connecting with you all!

Dear Francois and Nina, I was worried for you on reading the post on the break in at your house in Umbria. How did that turn out finally ?


Family originally from Tuscany (pre war).
I travelled and worked there 27 years ago and then introduced wife and family to the area over the years. Go to lucca every year for last 13 and been playing with the idea of getting involved in agritourismo eventually. My Italian is ok-poor! Gets better in situ.
I’ve got some family there but looking for expats perspective. I’m not in any panic but it’s good to start listening.

hi I am maxwell,arrived in italy for studies, hope to  make good professional friends  this forum


I’m Roda

I have been here in Rome for the past 5 years, and just knew and signed for Expat today, I would like to get to know english speaking people here or even italian people

Hello everyone,

My wife, Jacque’ and I currently live in Tennessee, USA and will be retiring this year. In part due to the insane political climate the US is experiencing but also due to the fact that we both have always traveled, we are looking to find a more enjoyable and engaging environment of like-minded people.
I spent some time in the US Navy and was fortunate to have been stationed in Gaeta, Italy 1979 to 1982.
Jacque’ had never been to Italy so I took her over a few years ago for a few weeks and she fell in love with the country just as I had done years ago and we have been considering this move ever since.
We want to be close enough to the Mediterranean or Adriatic to easily enjoy the beaches, sailing, and swimming, prefer a warm climate and close to a large city with music and entertainment.
We are both looking forward to learning the language and would like to have access to an expat community but at the same time, be thoroughly engaged with the local community.
Any comments and advise will be much appreciated.
Ciao, Mark

Hi Louise I am thinking of moving to your area from tge UK with a 6 year any advice? Is it possible to join the local school do you know? Not sure how it works now with brexit!

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