New members of the Ireland forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

You are aware of Irelands house crisis are you?
Dublin is a fab city and great people, always loved the city but the housing crisis in Ireland is getting dramatic. Huge demand nada supply and rents going through the roof. is one of the main rental sites in Ireland.
I honestly wish you good luck!

Yes, I am aware of the crisis. It's an unfortunate situation which will undoubtedly make my search more difficult. However, I'd like to stay positive. I've been looking on, which has quite a few options although the monthly rental prices can be hefty. Any suggestions on nice areas to start my search would be greatly appreciated.

Hi everyone,
Martina here, from the US and currently living in Hawaii but looking for property on the west coast of Ireland. Fell in love with Ireland a few years ago and have been visiting there at least 3 times a year now and can't get enough of it so decided that it's time to call a place my own over there.
And yes, I love the rain and the bog and the change of seasons 4x a day and it doesn't bother me in the slightest. Absolutely delighted with it.
I am a musician and already know lots of people and fellow musicians over there, but it's always good to know more!
Looking for advice on buying property and if prices stated on are firm or if negotiation is possible? Someone there once told me that buyers never pay what's listed, but not sure if that's entirely accurate. Hoping someone here might have some realtor savvy or understanding of how it's done. If so, PM me please. :)
Happy to be here, nice to meet you!

Hello everyone. I am wanting to move to Ireland from Arizona in the US. I currently am working in the behavioral health industry and need to find appropriate work in Ireland.

The health area is quite a good area to find work in Ireland. The Healthsector including nursing, etc.... finding a home is a challenge....

Hi everybody,

I'm new here and came to Ireland in 2017. I'm self-employed and hope to find out more about the daily life in Ireland  :)

Hi Marty, you don't say where you are in Ireland but I can tell you (being here myself for 12 years now) it is a beautiful country, great humor and lots of craic.
Jobs are there especially in the big cities like Dublin, Limerick, Cork etc but we have a huge house crisis and the homelessness is exploding. But if you have a house and money for the exploding rents you should be fine.
I am going to leave in near future but I really love this country.
If you need more info just ask :)

Kerryspirit :

Hi Marty, you don't say where you are in Ireland but I can tell you (being here myself for 12 years now) it is a beautiful country, great humor and lots of craic.
Jobs are there especially in the big cities like Dublin, Limerick, Cork etc but we have a huge house crisis and the homelessness is exploding. But if you have a house and money for the exploding rents you should be fine.
I am going to leave in near future but I really love this country.
If you need more info just ask :)

Hi Kerryspirit,

thank you for the warm welcome and the information :)
I hope that my time in Ireland will be as good as yours!


My name is Maria and I'm from Portugal. I'm planning to move to Ireland in January with my boyfriend and our border collie, Toby :)

I've just joined this platform and was reading some of the posts. I hadn't heard about this housing crisis in Ireland. Porto, where I live is going through such a crisis right now because of the boom in tourism. I've been checking for renting and I didn't think the prices were so high (700€ -900€) for houses. You could never get such prices in here.

I'm not yet sure about the place where I will move to in Ireland because I'd like to find a job first. I know I don't want to go to Dublin, because it's too expensive. Our purpose is to go there, work and be able to save some money for the future.
For anyone who has tried to find a job online before getting there, is it very difficult?

Buenos dias Maria...

I did not know that you would pay even more for a house in Porto? Wow...I was offered work there and they told me it is cheap :-o

Well you won't get a house for 800-900 Euro in a work-dense city in Ireland. These days are over. And IF you find something like that then there are queues outside for hours minimum 20 people required to bring momentarily all crazy stuff like work reference, landlord reference, health reference all kind of stuff. As there is no real rent cap for the landlords, because the government is afraid to loose these few rental properties too. And the landlords really can do whatever they like, or don't do. It is quite dramatic in the moment. I was for example terminated two months ago and could NOT find another place to rent and now have a bit of more time as I pay him quite a substantial amount of money under the table as they say. And I am in the country, Kerry.

Dublin has gone absolutely unreal. I don't know how Ireland will fix that problem as there are quite a few jobs and to get them is not a problem, where to live is another one.
But I don't want to discourage you as Ireland is a wonderful country I have been here for 12 years and you might even be lucky. But I believe you need to be TWO earners to be able to afford accommodation here now and even then its difficult.
Best of luck!

Hi :)

Two friends of mine are living in Ireland. They have been quite successful. Maybe that's why I decided to take this lead of faith myself. They live in County Offaly and they pay 600€ for a 3 bedroom house with a garden. They didn't tell me anything about this crisis because as I suspect they haven't felt it yet. I was thinking about moving to County Westmeath. The rent seems alright there, not a lot of people...

Yea the chances to get a house for a still decent-ish price is when you move out of the cities into the country off the beaten track. Good luck!

Well, that's exactly what I want. To get out of the city and move to the countryside :) I was trying to find a job in agriculture, to be honest. But I don't think they will accept me since I studied International Relations ^^'

Hi all,
I'm a single 36 yo from Melbourne, Australia starting to plan my eventual move to the Emerald Isle. I just got back from a month vacation touring Ireland and I've fallen in love with the country. I think I may have been born in the wrong country!! ;-)

I love everything about it, even the weather! I hate the heat here in Australia. Granted, I haven't had to deal with a long, white winter yet like they have in Ireland, but it's got to be better than sweltering and sweating through 45 Degree Celsius days here!

I am planning very slowly and doing a tonne of research, ensuring I know as much as there is to know about moving to and living in the beautiful country of Ireland.

Any tips, advice or stories are more than welcome!
Thanks, Emma

Hi Emma
What do you for work? As you will need to have the right work permits etc to gain employment in Ireland, unless you plan on marrying a lovely Irish boy which is exactly what I am doing (not for visa purposes but we have been together in NZ for 3 years and are moving to Ireland early next year)
It is an amazing country and I also fell in love with everything about it when I was there in August. It has it's problems, but honestly most countries do so it's what you make of it! I am the same the colder weather doesn't bother me, I live in CHC and we can have some pretty horrid winters!!
Private message me if you want some more assistance! :)

Welcome Emma.
I'm also planning my move to Ireland :)

Hi Chantalle,
I have been working in HR and Admin for a clinical and medical research school within a University for 10 years. Ideally I’d love to get into a similar field.
But I know that takes time, and I’ve worked in hospitality before, so I’m happy to do anything that pops up.
I will have my long service leave payout to tide me over while I settle in.

The plan is to meet and marry a lovely Irish boy! But you can’t rely on this, so I’ll just take things as it comes.
Thank you for you offer, that’s lovely of you. I’ll definitely hit you up if I have any curly questions!
Best wishes to you and your lovely Irish boy 😉


Hi all. I am Jennifer and I'm studying film and television in Dublin. I've only been in Ireland a month now. I want to meet new people and make friends. Also, anyone who has first hand knowledge about "shamans" preferably from Ghana and Burkina Faso should inbox me please. Thank you and hope to make nice friends.

There are loads of websites to check for how to get work permits etc. I am unsure on your field of work how that would work for you and your too old to get a working holiday visa (sorry)  :)
Good Luck!

Was that reply to me Chantallee?
If it was, yes I'm more than capable of reading about Visa etc. And I'm also aware I'm too old for working Visa (always nice to have that pointed out though!)


Sorry that wasn't meant to come across the way it sounded, just that you don't have many options unless you can gain a work permit via way of sponsorship which is quite difficult from what I understand, didn't mean to offend you!

Hello all,

Moving to Dublin in January, trying to figure out housing... any help is highly welcome.

Good luck. Housing is a REAL problem in Ireland especially in Dublin. AND its crazy expensive... Like two bedroom appartments in the town cost around 2000 + momentarily. Its a BIT better outside but there is a HUGE housing shortage in whole Ireland and its not looking good for the near future!
Good luck though as Dublin is a great city!

I would like to retire to Ireland from Australia so employment isn't an issue, but where would you recommend living where the lifestyle was good (weather also not an issue)

Simple Mary a irish

Irish353 :

Simple Mary a irish

Care to be a bit more helpful and expand more?

Hi everyone! I'll be moving to Dublin in January, on a two-years work/travel visa. I don't have a job lined up yet, but I'll be joining a friend who lives there, so I should be fine haha *nervous laughter*. I feel a bit like I've volunteered to go shark diving, the way people talk about the job market, but I'm still optimistic! There seems to be a fair amount of jobs in my field.

I'm looking for a job in advertising/online marketing/media. I have a degree in communication and marketing and about 2 years experience. Any tips or leads on how to find a job in those field would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise, I'll happily partake in expat activities as soon as I'm settled :)


Hi there!

I am a 25 year old South African admitted attorney - my partner and I are seriously thinking about immigrating to Ireland. Hoping following the forum will give us some added insight and first hand experience.

I did post n the forum earlier with my questions on immigrating and finding a job - should I be posting that on this thread?

Apologies, I have never taken part in an online forum before

Hi everyone

My name is Khosi, I am a single mother of 2 year old twin girls, and I am considering moving to Ireland. I really need a change of environment and thoughts, It might be good for me and especially my children. I am super excited about the prospect of moving soon. I just hope i get all the necessary help that I need, seeing that I am mostly alone... as the saying goes two heads are better than one, three are more the merrier. So, id really appreciate any kind of help..

keep it fresh y'all..

christianaS :

Hello, my name is Christiana.  I will be moving to Cork City in a month.  Holy cow! Is it only a month away??
I'm an automation engineer and moving on a Critical Skills work permit, relocating from Dallas, TX.  I'm originally from southern Indiana, USA.
We've started our own blog to chronicle each step - if anyone is interested.  Mostly it's so we can look back in years to come at how crazy we are.
I'm really looking forward to experiencing an entirely different way of life.  The biggest hurdle I'm having right now is finding housing and what exactly we want to do in regards to renting versus buying.

Dear ChristinaS, I am enquiring on behalf of my sister and her family who live in Iran and also fall within the critical skills criteria. Someone on another blog mentioned that within that criteria a job offer is not needed for a work permit. Is that correct? We were under the understanding that a job offer is needed regardless - but a bit confused now.
Grateful to you or anyone else who could shed some light on this matter please. Thank you.

Hey guys im a newbie to the forum. My name is Jess, im 29 married and have a 1 year old daughter. We are moving over to Dublin in February  from Australia for 12months for my husbands work.
Its a bit scary as we have never travelled and obviously unsure of the location.
Can anyone give me tips on how or where to find rental properties and im also looking for a nursery or mums group in the area.
We are hoping to move close to Dublin 9 and my hubby is working in the city centre.
Look forward to hearing from you

Hi All!
Noobie here-so check out my thread!!

My husband and I would like to work in Ireland. We are from South Africa.

Can anyone tell my the procedures for a 2 year visa.

Elmein :

My husband and I would like to work in Ireland. We are from South Africa.

Can anyone tell my the procedures for a 2 year visa.

Welcome to the Forum :)

All information regarding visas can be found HERE.

SimCityAT Expert Team

Hi all
Me and my family are currently living in South Africa but are very busy getting all the information so we can move to Ireland. My wife is Irish which makes it a bit easier. Any help on finding work would be appreciated. I am a qualified electrician that wants to still study further and my wife is a senior bookkeeper that is still studying towards becoming an auditor. We have four daughters so we are looking for good schools to. We would love to stay in Galway but not limited to that only

Hi All

My name is Dedre and I too currently live in SA with a Hubby and 3 kids.

My husband has Irish ancestry however, the cost to apply for this from SA is exuberant and no one can afford this - thus the struggle continues to find away to Ireland.

Wishing everyone heaps of luck.

I'm Christine, reporting from Northern Ireland.
Hope we shall discuss more. See you around!
Christine.  :)   :top:

I introduce myself.
I am a veterinary graduate from Sardinia.
I subscribed to expat for curiosity.
Now I enjoy knowing more about the opportunities of going abroad and all that it could imply.
It's interesting reading about other expats experiences as well.
Ireland is a fascinating country.

Hi nice to talk to you. I am is South Africa and also want to go to Dublin. Yust love the weather and the people. But still dont know how to go about. Iam a qulified Broker.


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