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Hi Cathy (and others in the forum)

Your post is from several months back, but thought I'd message you anyway. Originally from Belgium, I've been living in Cali for about a year now. Frequent job travel has kept me from really settling in. These past months, that finally changed, and I'm trying to find a routine again and meet people. Funny how in a city with so many souls, it is so much harder to connect. Some quick background notes: biologist by training, a bit-of-everything by interest, enjoy travel and nature, love working with kids, like dogs, coffee and fried plantain, and no criminal record :)  If you are up for some coffee one afternoon, happy to meet up.



Hi Everyone!

I very recently moved here, to Cali, from NYC.  And WOW what a difference!  I have been here about 4 times before, for a total of about a month and a half, and fell in love with the 'eternal summer' and how happy the people are in general.  I currently live in the north east section of Cali, close to Colegio Simon Bolivar.  My Spanish is improving... I can function... kinda.  I've been practicing as much as I can, 'poco y poco'.  But it's still a little frustrating when trying to understand the locals.  But again most people here in Cali are good people and patient.   I would love to make some expat friend in Cali and share experiences.  Honestly getting a little homesick so it'd be great to connect.  I love to dance, explore, run, just enjoy life.  Send me a message if you'd like to connect.  - Tanya

Hi All,

I am here to find info about Colombia. I also published some info about Colombia on the following site: [link moderated]
You are welcome to contact me both  for ideas and questions, and to spread the word



Hi guys I'm Freddy,

I'm French and just moved to medellin.
I litteraly just arrived last night.
I woud like to meet people from medellin to get to know it better and listen to any tips that u guys and girls would like to share with me, i speack also spanish.


My name is Jonnae'. I'm moving to Colombia in January. I'm looking for jobs now but I've already mentally prepared myself to go to Colombia even if I don't have a job lined up. I've read it's "better" to find teaching jobs if you're already in Colombia. Any tips or advice about finding a job, best cities to live, and what to expect is greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the Colombia forum, Jonnae'.

1.  The bigger the  city, the more schools and more jobs available.

2.  The best jobs -- steadier, more pay -- usually go to folks who have experience teaching in the community.  You will have that only after teaching at less sought-after jobs for a while or free-lancing where legal.

3.  If a school hires you as a new teacher, you may be offered a split shift -- two or three hours in the morning, more time in the early evening.

4.  Best cities?  Colombia is the size of Texas and California combined and has hundreds of cities and sizeable towns.  Climate in the Andes is drastically different from climate in coastal areas or lowlands areas. 

Many Expats avoid Bogotá, Cali, the uphill favela areas of Medellín (Poblado and Laureles sectors are favored) and Cartagena .. for safety reasons.  The Coffee Zone is considered relatively safe with moderate temperatures.


I just realized I posted on the thread reserved for introducing new members.  However, since I consider the advice valid for new members, I will let the post stand unless the Home Office decides otherwise or other members want to continue the teaching discussion.  In that case, we may have to start a new thread.

cccmedia in Depto. de Nariño

Medellin is a beautiful place, however, it depends if you're looking for opportunities or if the place is more important. It is a lot more easier to find positions once you arrive, however, I will say that it is best to make usd dollars or wherever you're from because the Colombian peso is not that strong.

Hello, Expats,

My name is Glen Ring.  My connection with Colombia began 10 years ago when my husband and I  adopted a 12 year old daughter from Meta.  We have visited twice, but the last time was ten years ago during the adoption process.   I am going to be visiting Colombia from December 26 to January 5th.  I am going to be in Bogota and in Meta.

At this point I would just like to hear any travel thoughts or advice people have.  We know that in the past parts of Meta were not safe, but we will not be too far from Villavicencio.  There are people there that my daughter would like to reconnect with.

Are any of the people in this group living in Bogota?  How is that city to live in - compared to Cali and/or Medellin.

I retired a couple years ago and my husband and I are possibly interested in moving to Colombia when he retires.

Thanks for any help!  Glen

Hi Everyone,
I am in Medellin for a few months (keep extending, not sure if/when I'll leave).

I work mostly online as a corporate storyteller specialised in public speaking. I have an online course and work with clients one-on-one through Skype.

I do sometimes miss giving workshops in real life, actually interacting with people who are physically there. My workshops are built around The 5 Ingredients of an Intoxicating Story and will help anyone make sure their audience is hanging on their every word next time they open their mouths. More info here

If there are any companies here who know they'll benefit from this, let's talk!

Live happily ever after!

Thanks, of course I'm living in Berlin I would like to meet new people


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