New members of the Canada forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

I'm Shyame from Sri Lanka

HI ...,my name is ARYA ...35 years old
i am civil engineer and after 10 years work on highways , i try to help people to reduce their risk when they  done civil works...
i plan to move to Canada to make some group like MDRT  in civil engineer insurance ...
it is one of my dream.....because of my hard working I could not catch more than 5.5 point  in ielts exam .
if you can please help me

Hi all!

I’m Kyle, a musician and private instructor from Vancouver, Canada that tours frequently.  I hope to keep connecting with others while I’m here.  I’m also looking to promote my gigs and sell my services wherever I am abroad.


Hello,  I have been living in Canada for 17 years. Came from England but I am planning to move back to France next year.

Hello! I am Vinod,from Bangalore-India. I am moving to Toronto around Feb 18.
I am a Data Applications Developer,I do some bit of training as well.
Hoping to make some good friends here, before I land there.

Hi; I have a Facebook friend who lives in Uganda. She is talking about maybe coming to Canada, but she would need help to become established here. She has no money, but does speak and write English fairly well. She wants to make a better life for herself, and be able to send money back home to help her sister and her mother, and the sister's six children. Lydia is a beautiful Christian girl, of the Baptist persuasion, so if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate them so that I could pass them on to her. She is smart, and a hard worker.

Hello to All,

I'm new here and I will moving Canada soon to start a life there need a support.


Hii everyone!!!
It feels nice to be here.I'm a Nigerian. I love reading,tennis,travelling and meeting people. I have been an expat member for some years now but new on the Canadian forum. I am looking forward to pursuing a postgraduate degree in Canada but searching for schools that I could enrol in for a post graduate diploma degree preferably in either 'Peace and conflict resolution' or 'International Business'. I have a BA.Ed degree in history and diplomatic studies with a second class lower division. Would appreciate relevant information that would be of help.Thanks guys.


this is Aziz, new Immigrant to Canada. I have been to Canada once already in 2015 but its time to settle permanently. I am looking for some reasonable apartment/basement preferable near Pakistani/Muslim community or any Islamic center, kindly guide, many thanks!

Hello there,

I plan to move to Canada in 2 years. Interesting Forum although most posts are old, but this one is new so I thought I´d let introduce myself...
I am interested in reading how it works out for you out there moving to Canada. This is part of my gathering information before eventually moving.


Hi all
I am a newbie in this forum and would like to move to Canada. I am from Botswana , your number tourist destination in Southern Africa if not Africa as a whole. I want to make friends with those who are interested in visiting our country to see the flora and fauna here.
I want to stay Canada and would like to get a job there.


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Hi :)
I'm Ruby, I'm moving to Canada in 2018 with my husband and 2 kids who have Canadian citizenship but have so far never lived there. We all currently live together in London but we'be sold our house and are buying one in Belleville Ontario.
My husband is sponsoring me and I'm hoping this will be processed during my visa period but since we are both self employed (artist/substitute teacher and web developer) we will return to London in the summer if need be.
I'd love to hear from others who have moved near where we are or have lived there (the good and the bad) and I'd also REALLY love to hear first hand experience from any English kids who have gone into the Canadian school system to find out what differences there are in terms of settling in/culture/difficulties/positives etc... Our kids are 9 & 10 and we'd love to prepare them a bit.

Lovely to be here & to share in the community! ❤️

Hi there all!
i would love to relocate to Canada. as i have 9 years of teaching Experience in elementary level.
in which city should i apply?
but i have only done high school but i'm interested to go for further studies now!
any suggestions?


I am Bhaskar Vadadoriya and I am interested to work with you could you please contact me on my phone.

My cell number is: ***


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Hi All Good Day All, I am lydia @vithiavathani 34 yrs from malaysia i am very keen to move to canada for job opportunity. I have about 12 yrs working experience in banking total of 5 years experience in managerial position. I am credit manager handling with consumer loan application mainly in mortgage application. I will assess, review and approve consumer mortgage application. For past 1 year i am heading staff loan application. Total of 12 staff reporting under me. I am married with 2 boys so planning to move to canada. Pls do let me know any job opportunity and sponsorship.

My name is Shona, I'm from Uzbekistan/Samarkand living in Vancouver/Canada, I would like to meet people from Central Asia :) who is living in Vancouver.

Hi everyone. I'm Sahdeeqa. Newbie! Planning to move to Canada soon with my two sons and husband . Living in Joburg for 10 years. Hubby has BBA and I have lot of experience in au pair or nanny as well as domestic work. Hubby has family in Canada. So can anyone advise us what we need to do to make this process easier and faster. Thanks all!

Hello everyone!
I in this forum, me and my family are planning to apply to PEI as provincial nominee. Question is, I set my EOI on 1st dec 2017 how long should I wait before they reply? My NOC is 2282, more of technical support in IT field. Thanks in advance.

I am from Algeria, 36 years old, married and have two daughters, having  more than 10 years of experience in administration, I am bilingual Fr-En, willing to relocate in Canada.

Hi everyone,

I'll be moving to Canada for a short term assignment in a couple of locations in Canada.
I hope by joining this community I can get accurate information on living in Canada.
God bless.

My name is John Enyin from Ghana, completed 3 year diploma in general nursing in Ghana with  3 years working experience as a professional nurse. I want to find a job and schooling to seek advance knowledge and further my education

Hi beloved friends. Can you  help me to achieve my dream ambition

I am stranger on this platform. I need a friend to direct me

Ugandan male aged 41 and hold a diploma in medicine and community health equivalent to to a diploma in comprehensive nursing. I also hold a degree in demography and reproductive health.
I have a 15 year working experience as a clinician

Hi all,
I am currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa. I have been employed at the same company for more than 6 years now as QMS Optimizer & ISO 9001 Internal Auditor.
Yeah, I have the itch, to improve my life and am looking for a relocation opportunity. Can anyone please assist with links to Engineering Companies in Canada I would welcome it.
Thank you all.

hi everyone my mane is Lionel am new here and to found some good advise from anyone willing.
am originally from Congo Brazzaville but am a resident in south Africa cape town for 11 years a married  and i have 2 dependant my dream is to came and live in Canada problem is there too many scams an fake agency here so the there anyone who was in south Africa can help me or advise me i will appreciate
i am currently employed as a Carpenter boat building company

My name is  Ntabs and l live in South Africa.. Iam a plumber and l wish to relocate to Canada. lam waiting for my TEA from Ontario college of Trades.




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