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How realistic is it to land and then find long term housing?


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Miss Jodi , extremely easy is the answer to your question

Nil desperandom :

Hi I am a British man 65 years old I have a 54 year old cambodia girlfriend, I have been in cambodia for 4 months now to look at cambodia, I return to england on 23 march 2017, as I wish to retire here, I have know my girlfriend 5 years, I do not have to work as I have a good income, I am in the process of buying a flat with nomini, negotiation phase, and will compleate transactions with lawyer on my return in August 2017, I am an ex business man, my company is now run by my son, and I am a share holder only, my concern here is it seems impossible to get duel nationality and even harder to get married, as we are old what do we do in the future, I have a two masted schooner which I sail 3 months in summer in england, anyone sail here ???, not a bar man just a home man, simple life, see me on Facebook the one with the schooner, regards Toni Hodgkins,

Hi have you successfully landed a deal? Please let me know if I can be of service here. Thank you.

Hi all, I am Cambodian legal counsel. I'm glad to be part of this community and believe I will be helpful when it comes to information about Cambodia and the people. So, please let me know if I can be helpful in anyway


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