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Hello Guy,

  Hope your move goes well. I hope to move to Varna, might meet sometime,


thank you Frances for your kind words!
i wish you the same.
would be great meeting a varna newbie(to be) as me...


Hi hi Kris am British living in isreal for years   am looking to buy a property be self sufficient and maybe make it in to to retreat Centre . Not much money but I belive to invest now a bit lost in where to buy ..I would like buy the sea but not to close to the tourist beaches you know any trusted estate agents ..where I could start my process from here ..and if you have any recommendations of nice villages ..authentic ..the house can be old but a nice land ...I would appreciate if you could direct me in some direction..houses with land start at 3000 euro ..I just wonder if they are so far from life or in not so good areas ...thanks for any help ...

Hi am new looking to buy a self sufficient plot ..I see houses for 3000 euro I just wonder if the areas are reasonably to live ..does anybody have any a dive on what villages are recommended ..around nature ..with a nice land and maybe by open minded foreigners ..

Hi am new looking to buy a self sufficient plot ..I see houses for 3000 euro I just wonder if the areas are reasonably to live ..does anybody have any a dive on what villages are recommended ..around nature ..with a nice land and maybe by open minded foreigners ..

Hi Pooli,

Close to the seaside but not too close is a wise decision. However, house with a plot for 3 000 is just not real :))
As for estate agents - yes, I can direct you to some, but doing everything from abroad will not work. Believe me.
A good estate agent will take your requirements into account, then start a search and prepare 5 - 10 possible properties. Then you will have to come to Bulgaria and visit each of these.

I would also adwise you on coming before the process has started, justo to visit several possible villages and towns to see where you would like to live.

That would speed up everything.



Hi Kris,
  I know the last message was not to me but I agree with you, a visit or two during different season is a very wise move. Winter and Summer are quite different.

Hi Frances,

You are absolutely right - summer and winter in Bulgaria are quite different. And it is good to visit the place in both of these seasons. But Bulgaria still has four distinctive seasons, and I don't think anyone will be coming to check 4 times, besides, s.o. else might decide to buy the property for himself.

What I ment was more to the point of having preliminary impressions, to select the place even before starting to search for a house. You can feel the nature, see the people, check the roads, etc ....

a bit hard to describe, but that's how I feel it


Thankyou very much you have any villages in mind ..and estate agents that are trustworthy ...thanks allot I will come to bulgeria the next month's

Hi Kris,

   You are spot on,


Thankyou very much Frances ..could you advice me on any nice villages ..I realy don't know where to start ..I could live not far from the sea I could also live close to mountains and nature ..I just don't want to be to far from airport ...basically wanting to live in a good environment with good people be self sufficient ..and be finished with my morgage ..

Hi Pooli,

   I am sorry, I haven't visited any villages unless you call Nessebar a village. I also went to Sozopol but it was to see the marina there so I can't give an opinion about the town. I have only been to Bulgaria once for 6 days (Dec 1st-7th) and I concentrated on finding a rental mooring for my boat. I looked in Burgas, Varna, Nessebar and Sozopol. I have read quite alot on the net and watched alot of videos of personal recordings and it appears that the quiet of the Winter is a complete contrast to the summer tourist season. I don't mind both but I would like to be somewhere where the Spring and Autumn are calm too. I have a longing to learn Bulgarian (well) so I need to be in contact with the locals rather than tourists. I have been living in Istanbul for 30 years so for me the areas close to Turkey are very similar in ways. I have my eye on Varna to start with then hope to do some travelling around to narrow down my 'possible places' list. I am completely bowled over by the Bulgarians, they are absolutely lovely with their children.

   Hope to meet you, in Bulgaria, sometime in the future Pooli,


Thanks so much Frances ..I understood your living in varna ..ok so you have a but great ..we'll maybe the future we will meet ..

Not quite sure, but you two are speaking about different things. One of you speakes of a property just by the sea and with possible boat "parking". The other one is speaking for a property not far from the sea. Which means, that even if it is 10 km. away from the seaside, the tourist season will not cause any trouble. Just that most of the people will not be in the village, or just return to sleep there.

And Pooli, to be honest January and February are the worst possible months to visit Bulgaria. If you're not going skiing. Just consider coming in April or May as an option - you will love it then!

Hi, Guys,

My first post :-)

My name is Riki, I'm from the UK but work/live in Iraq at present.

I have recently acquired a small plot of woodland in the Vidin region of Bulgaria, I am looking at possibly turning this into a small Tipi village or campsite as I'm led to believe it is very close to Lake Rabisha

I am wondering if it would be easy enough for me to buy Pine or Fir or Spruce poles from Vidin

Any help would be gratefully received

Hi Riki, I am a newbie to so nfortunately can't help with your question now, but as I am interested in finding out about the quality and types of wood available for repairing a wooden boat I will pass any places that I think might be able to help you out. Good luck with your project. Frances

Hello all. My name is Shaun, and along with my partner who is Polish, are planning on buying a property in Bulgaria, and eventually move there full time. We have 2 children aged 10 and 6 so maybe we will wait 10 years for the youngest to finish school, before we take the plunge and move. At least we will have the time to renovate our new home if needs be.
Thank you for letting us join this site, and we look forward to one day leaving the UK for good

Hello, we recently joined up here. We are living since January 2017 in Malko Tranovo, about 25 Km west of Stara Zagora. We moved away from Turkey, where we lived since 2009, for obvious reasons. My wife is a belgian national, name is Christiane. She speaks english, french, dutch/flamish, german, and basic spanish and turkish. I am just fluent in german and english. We both are learning bulgarian, but... We would like to get contact with people, if possible frequent meetings in a cafe or so, to socialize. If possible in Stara Zagora and about 70 Km around. My name is George, I am a german national.

Planning to move to Bulgaria this spring (from the UK, probably, to Plovdiv). Would appreciate some advice, particularly, from anyone who is self-employed, working for customers outside Bulgaria.


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