Building Homes in PR

Building is more expensive. Materials have gone way up and manual labor has gone way up since Maria. Also you need a lot to build o and that is not cheap either.

it would be cheaper to purchase a home with a good size yard or a farm house with a bunch of land than building.

The benefit of building is having a place designed to your likes, where everything is new and build (hopefully) to the latest construction standards.

on the other side, old homes are build to the needs or likes of someone else, some of the decisions made by the prior owner won’t make sense. A lot of old homes were build by the owner and friends, so no standards and no permits were used. A lot of old homes have no plumbing for hot water, so you may have to break some walls and run tubes to get hot water to showers, dishwashers, washing machine. Most people in PR use cold water and may add an electric heater to the shooter head to get the chill out.

So there are advantages and disadvantages to building or buying old.

When buying you get the land and structure for a single low

By the way, there are plenty of available homes 2-3 bedrooms, 1 bath about 500-1000 square feet made of concrete for 80-140k most with plenty of land for a large patio or even a small home farm.

I would not suggest you buy a wooden home, not at all.

Thanks Sandra, the reason I want to build is I already have the land that is next to my wife's family. I read a lot about shipping container home and with hurricanes it seemed the way to go. Looking to build a very small house so 2 long shipping container should work. Secure it to concrete slab and insulate well and should be fine??? Or I can have a small concrete house built-500sq/ft.

Thanks Rey, I did see your reply when I replied to Sandra. As you can see I already have land so this is why I want to build or use shipping containers for tiny home.

You are going to need a place for tools and junk you want to keep. Could be detached of part of main building. We don’t have basements in PR.

I really recommend checking into an earth ship home or a sand bag home. These are both very inexpensive but labor intensive and self sustainable.  These are both new projects on the island.
I wish you the best no matter what you choose to do.  I do never to let you know most cargo containers are very toxic. So you will want to make sure remove these toxins
Also you will have to find a person who specializes in cargo containers.  These people are cheap and can also still mess up

There is a home created with shipping containers right on the beach in Aguada. right off the 441, near Table Rock.
Perhaps you can pay them a visit and see if you can pick their brain.

Thanks again everyone, I retired early so I have all the time in the world. I'm going to build a container home by myself! I'm removing all wood flooring and sand blasting inside down to bear metal to avoid any toxic issues. Also going to get a one trip container. Going to use a 40' and a 20' containers in an T shade for just under 480 sq/ft. I will be attaching to concrete slab. I will be sure to check out one one shore that you mentioned

I considered buying a container for transporting house hold stuff, then using the container for storage and a work shop. 

Gunner  at the smoke house in Isabela put one on the restaurant ,  you can talk to him about getting a container. I think they are a good low cost option for living or storage space.  😎

Hi Everyone

the place - Aguada. right off the 441, near Table Rock. Does anyone have information on how to contact them or building shipping container home in Puerto Rico

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