I'm looking for a job that will suits for an expat like me

Hi good day! I'm currently staying here in Jakarta Indonesia, I graduated last year and until now I'm looking for a Job that can hire an expat like me. I hope you can help me or let's talk about this topic. Thank you!

The basic rule of thumb goes ...

If you have skills unavailable or in short supply from an Indonesian worker, you can get a work permit/KITAS and do that job legally.
If not, it's going to be very hard to find legal work.

Thanks fred! I'm having hard time looking for a job

That's likely to be the case as there are plenty of qualified IT people in Indonesia so it was be very hard for an expat to get a legal job unless you have skills in a speciality of some sort.
I'm a bit surprised you even managed an internship.

I am A Driver...need A job

triagungwibowo17 :

I am A Driver...need A job

Perhaps I could invite you to post an advert in "Jobs" at the top of the page.

Good morning,
My Name Daniel  fro Bandung, i have read your post about looking for an opportunity to get a job. are you still available? please contact me through my email at: *** and please enclosed you CV,



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