Hi! I am from the Philippines and I am planning to move to Vietnam early February. Do you know of any cheap accommodations in Ho Chi Minh? Please enlighten me. Thank you very much!

Good day to all, as for your question, you can get cheap accommodations at one of the hostels in Dist. 1. That way you could stay there as a jump off point, while looking for something a little more private. good luck to you.

Thank you so much! Big help.

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You may also have a look at the ads in the Housing in Ho Chi Minh City section of the website and drop your own looking for ad.

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Think about stopping outside city center and travel in by bus hotels are much cheaper and more comfortable Also you can get good rates for long stay I stay in Dist 6 has everything and good bus link

Thank you so much!

Thank you very much. I'll keep that in mind.

And thanks also for your warm welcome!  :)

also dist 7, my stay is just around corner from lotte mart lots of street food and 6000vnd to city bus 38, $15/ night not including b/fast but that is in next house or across the road

Yes I know D7 there is also very good stayed there few times I only stay in D6 because near the main southern bus station

That's very affordable! Thank you for the information.

Thank you. I'll consider staying in district 7 then. Thanks.

Hey there, I'm looking for a partner to share an apartment cause it quiet expensive If only me.
I'm a Vietnamese but I'm working @Sai Gon so if you don't mind I'm a male you can think about that, I can looking for a house or an apartment with two rooms.

Hi Corunum,

In Ho Chi Minh, if you need to find an accommodation. which District do you want to stay? As i know D2 is preferably where have many expats are living and working. And specially in Thao Dien ward is now for expats accommodation.

what do you mean by cheap $$$$$

It all depends since I don't know your situation.  My advice is to find a hostel or local hotel to stay for a few days initially while you look for a cheap place to stay or find a roommate.  Sharing would be the way to go to save money.  You get a bigger place at half the cost than if you stay by yourself.   Although some would want privacy and don't mind paying extra.  For stays less than a month, try Airbnb.  I did that several times and found good places in D7 and D2 where many expats live.  For longer stays, you may want to look into an apartment either by yourself, or with a roommate.  Good luck.

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You can try Minh Nhat hotel in Dinh Bo Linh street in Binh Thanh district. I only paid 115usd for a month plus roughly around 50usd for the utility bills. It's beside MOC Cafe in Dinh Bo Linh street.

when you get off the plane, don't use the taxi, use ( around 150,000 Vnd) the same exit as every one else as you come out side go to the right hand side just past taxi area, there is 1,2 or 3 yellow buses waiting. it only costs 20,000 Vnd and brings you to city near the market in Le loi street, on the map, look for Mc Donald's … 06.6980277 it is near backpacker area, just a short walk. Enjoy your life in Vietnam !

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