Expedited Irish Visa

I need help with expediting my Irish short term visit visa. My boyfriend is in the ICU of St. James in Dublin and I need to see him as soon as possible. Knowing how the Irish takes forever in issuing visas (it took me 2 months before), I'd like to ask help from anyone who might have connections at the Irish Consulate in Singapore, as they send all visa applications there from Manila. I don't want to bother his family with invitation letters and other documents as they already have enough to deal with. I can provide my own documents as before so I really just need someone to help me with the emergency request. Any leads will be appreciated. Thank you.

You can direct call to Irish embassy in Singapore (below link):

https://www.dfa.ie/irish-embassy/singap … r-ireland/

Don't expect someone who has connection in Irish embassy here will help you (as those kind of under the table help does not happen here, everyone follows as per the set up procedures and guidelines in place). Good luck.

hello surya2k,

thanks for the info. i already emailed them and was given a few pointers on how i can request for an emergency visa. i know, however, that connections matter as was the case for my previous visa. so i was hoping for the same. :)

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