Looking for Province Nomination to support my Express entry profile

Happy new year to all of you  :cool: .
I have just submitted my express entry profile on the Canadian immigration website, and already achieved CRS points (compreshensive Ranking system).
I believe my points are somehow low, and i would need Province Nomination additional points to guarantee my chances of having an Invitation to apply.

I have been looking online everywhere, but i don't seem to find a way to get any province to nominate me. Can anybody help me with that, i need to know how to begin? Which direction shall i follow to track these provincial nominations?

Waiting for your kind reply,
Thanks in Advance
Mazen Mostafa

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Hi everyone,

@ Mazen Mostafa, i suggest you contact the professionals recommended in the Immigration agencies in Canada or the Immigration consultants in Canada section of the business directory so that they may assist you.

All the best,

Thanks Bhavna, i will do that.


Hi  guys!!

is anybody can recommend some migration agencies with a good reputation? i am in the same situation currently. I am in express entry pool but my points are low and i need a nomination...
Can anybody recommend some good migration agents who are reliable?
thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Tanya,

I managed to get a provincial nomination from Ontario.
I didn't connect to any agency, 99% of immigration companies are useless. They will just take a massive amount of money, and will do nothing you can't do yourself.
I would advice that you join as much online forums and whatsapp groups as you can, where you can gather all information needed. In this way, you will get to talk with lots of people from all over the world, share opinions and experiences. This is what i did.
You better start searching for provinces demanding your profession and expertise.
Once you find it, you should prepare all needed document, upload and wait for their outcome.

It takes lots of patience and motivation to go through the whole process, best of luck.

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