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Hi, my name is Jane and I recently move to Colombo. I'm planning to buy a motorbike, I like driving myself to work instead of get on a tuktuk. But the thing is I don't have a driving license. I used to live in Vietnam and it was so easy to buy a bike and drove everywhere without license (which I shouldn't done). The police actually stopped me sometimes but by giving them 10-20$, they let me go. Here in Colombo so far as I read, you have to have a license if you want to drive around and for a foreigner to get a license here, you have to have a license in your country first, is it correct? I mean I don't know, all the information I got online is just so confusing. So is there anyway for me to get a driving license (apply for a test) then I can buy a bike? Also, how much it should be for a second hand motorbike and where can I find it? Thanks so much for reading and hope to hear from you soon. Have a good day!

Hi Jane, if you have a Residence Visa here in Sri Lanka, it is VERY easy to get a license, just go to the Driving License Office in the morning and you should have a license within a couple of hours!

If you don't, you may still be able to get a Driving License, just about everything can be bought in this country, if you need help, contact me on Private Message.

Good Luck!

nothing to worry u can apply with your passport what about the learning part? you have to pass the theory and the practical first find a Learners near by you. and and apply through them so its easy to get through them after that you can buy a motor bike

once you apply for the examination they will give you a date for written exam once you pass the written examination they will temporarily issue the license certificate for you with that you can ride it for 3 months after 3 months you should go for practical examination once you pass the practical examination they will issue a permanent license that's its simple .

Hi, I can just suggest you some online websites where you can buy second hand bikes from other Sunday news papers and Ikman website at the same time Hitad also cool

it normally takes 3 months, but if u want it urgently I can give u some tips.

mail me on ** i have a contact who will do it in a day. Regards

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Dear Mr.Abdulla
She wants to take the license in genuine way so everyone please help in correct way not the shortcut
It will show your abilities and character, how you are

-Hassan -

Hassan, normally I would not get involved in other's replies, but I can't help but see that you have completely misunderstood the situation, and the person, and the query.

She already has said that she has been driving around in her country without a license, and bribing cops, etc.

Does this sound like a person who wants to do it in the "genuine and correct way"?

For you to put down Abdulla and call into question his character and abilities, when you yourself are so very wrong about this issue, is, I think not only unwarranted, but shows a lot about you and your character.

I would suggest you stick to offering advice, and not call other people's character and abilities into question, due to them offering help to others.

Thank You!

totally, if she gives bribe. ya u pay it u get license in one day in verhara.

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