Is it easy to find a job in Singapore?

Hello everyone,

My name is Isabel and I have been here for more than one month already and I am wondering how easy is to find a job being a bilingual person here.

Thank you and happy new year! 😇☺😊


May I request you to go through several discussions in recent past on this topic including the latest one as follow:

Wishing you too a happy and prosperous new year. All the best.

Thanks a lot Surja2k!

hi isabel it is actually quite easy to get a job. more over u are bilingual . may i know wants your qualification?

Hi Isabel

Happy New Year!

I have been trying to do the same but I haven't had any luck! I have applied for many jobs but don't get any response or get rejection.

Looks like the job market is not that easy!

I been looking for around 2 months now but I have not yet moved to Singapore. Hoping I can first secure a job before taking this step.


Hola Jekil,

I have been here for over a month, being applying for three months...

The same... That's why I was asking to the community! For any kind of tips or anything...

I was doing the same from Spain and I just got one interview through Skype and at the end I didn't get selected.

I wish us the best to this new year!


Good luck with the applications 👍

Yeah, tips from the community would be really good and hopefully would help us to secure a job.

I'm currently in London.

I hope so too. Really wanna move to Singapore!


hi both Jekil and Isabel
as stated by MOM here … ding-a-job
to maximise your chance please go to

good luck to you

Thanks a lot Bensg!

I really appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Thank you Bensg.

Will have a look at them.


Easy to have a job in Singapore, This is some source you can follow to find a job.
Good luck: … nsion.html

Thank you bro

Are you there in Singapore right now? I will be there on 27 feb to do the same things as you do.
I will be appreciated if you help me.this is my first time.

Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it!

May I know what job are you looking for? You should go through agency before come in Singapore , not easy to find a good job just fly in 1-2 month, I myself as SPR also took me 8 month to get a job.
Good luck

Hello there,

I understand what you mean. For me, it has not been easy to start with interviews and I feel this is a competitive market.
I have a diverse background but I am looking into bilingual positions in international companies. I also have experience as a teacher.

Kind regards,

Hi there,

My Husband is Turkish and I'm currently looking for a job for him in Singapore (I'm a Singaporean citizen). I have no idea where to start or look and am wondering if anyone here can point me in the right direction? He has a degree and teaching experience as well and is fluent in both English and Turkish.

Also, do I apply for a Long term visit pass for him? I'm hoping that he is able to get a job before moving over to Singapore.

You can apply for an LTVP for him at ICA - but he is not allowed to work on an LTVP.
An LTVP+, which allows work on LoC, is only possible after three years of marriage or having a (Singaporean) child.
I recommend he should apply for an EP after finding a job.
If he has a recognised educational degree, he can apply at MoE and private schools.

Thank you!

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