Marriage in Algeria

Happy New Year

I have been with my Algerian boyfriend for 2 years and I have visited Algeria 4 times and spent many happy times with my boyfriend and his family .

The next step is marriage but I am older than him and divorced so it's very unlikely he will be granted a marriage visa to the UK ( he was refused a visitor visa on the grounds that UK immigration was. Not satisfied he would leave the UK at the end of his visit )

Can anyone tell me what documents I will need for marriage in Algeria? I have divorce certificate and passport but do I need a certificate of no impediment also ?

Also, will it be a legally binding marriage if I'm not Muslim ? I don't know where we will live in the future but maybe I will live with him and his family in Algeria 😄

Hi Minnie
Did you end up marrying in Algeria? Interested to find marrying my algerian man in eygpt coz i heard its hard to marry a foreigner there

I will be visiting Algeria next month to sort out some paperwork . I had some advice here but it's not an easy process !  I think it's more about sorting out all the paperwork needed in Algeria and translating  documents where necessary !

Will keep you posted after my visit and until then stay positive 😄

Thankyou so mucb for replying...yes i heard its a very complicated process in algeria and they are very slow too so takes a bit longer with everything in fact not just marriage thats why many go to tunisia to get married coz much quicker and easier...i wish you all the best and take care 😊


Everything seems to be difficult for us to maintain our relationship -lots of obstacles to overcome but we are as committed today as the day I met him in 2014 so we keep positive and hold on to the love

Lots of luck and keep  me posted


Yes your right Caroline...Goodluck and all the best...take care xox

good luck

Thank you 😄