Moving from Haiti to Surinam French-Guyana

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I am Maryline Elione Eloy, 21 years old.  I need some information about moving from Haiti to Surinam French-Guyana. I am adopted to Belgium, But my family is still living in Haiti and they are having a bad life.

Sinc i am togheter with my suriname husband , he told me ' alot of haitians are living in Haiti.'I would also love to make it possible for my family to move to suriname. My family is a group of 7. 5 kids and my 2 perants of course, it would be great if they can all go to school and work after they graduated.
I will be the person to help them thru all en support them finacially.

Looking forward for your answer.
Kind regards

Maryline Elione Eloy

Hi Maryline Elione Eloy,

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How can we possibly help you? Maybe you should try to contact the embassy as well, they might guide you and give you some more details about the procedures.

Thanks and good luck,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi yes i sended already 6 mails to different embassy's. Maybe cause of new year they are closed.. im still waiting for the answers

Hi how are you elionne its very important to think with your familly iam try to help you contact me

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