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Somebody enlighten me please. Here's the scenario last December 13 Company A applied me for an Spass after 10 days of waiting they told me that my application got rejected because MOM's feedback is that I have existing FIN NUMBER. Which is I' am 100% sure I don't have, since I haven't work in Singapore before, its even my first time to look for a job here. Company A told me that they will appeal my application and see the result. I just want to know is it possible that they mixed up my name that's why it turned out that I already have FIN even if I don't have any? Is there a chance to be approve after the appeal? Or any reason or suggetions you have in mind? Your replies will be much appreciated, guys. Big thanks in adavnce.

If you really never had a FIN number (i.e. never applied for any Singapore residence or work visa before), then this must be an error, which can be corrected easily. Your employer should contact MoM and ask which documents are required to clear this up.

My employer told me that they already filed for appeal and I have to wait. I just hope that MOM replies before my exit date. Do you have any idea how many working days will it take for the results again? Thank you so much.

Processing of work visa and appeals usually takes 1 - 2 months.

I'm still unclear with your message. If MoM says you have existing NRIC/FIN number (an identification number given to everyone in Singapore irrespective of whether you work or stay as dependent pass or long term pass (LTP) or permanent resident or a citizen), that means you might have dependent pass or LTP (which you didn't mention here). FYI, The only difference between NRIC/FIN between citizens & PR and Foreigners is before 2000, all PRs n Citizens NRIC number starts with S, now its T and for foreigners FIN number started with F, now it's G.

So you are saying that you never applied job here and this is the first time you are looking for a job (are you staying in Singapore earlier under dependant pass or LTP? If yes, then they must have allocated a FIN).

But, if you claim that currently you are on a tourist visa and in past you NEVER stay in Singapore then ask HR to check with MoM officer directly as it's easier for them to find out that why their system shows you have already a FIN but you are claiming you never stay here before. Good luck.

Yes I arrived Singapore last Nov with a tourist visa. Then I applied for a short term visit pass and I'am granted of 30 days extension. My exit date is next week. Other than that I haven't done any other online application. Also, by the time I applied my short term visit pass my employer is still not applying my work pass in MoM. So I'am really 100% sure that I don't have FIN Number/NRIC. Its in my plan to go back in my home country and fly back here immediatly if I got the approval. Any other suggetions you have in mind? Thanks for answering.

Please speak to your HR and request him/her they can speak directly over phone to the assigned or designated officer who had reviewed your application to understand how come there is a registered FIN under your name, where as other than tourist visa (30 days with extension of another 30 days), you never ever stayed in Singapore. To get clarity of your case, your HR need to speak directly with them asap. If this thing happens in a correct way, I don't see why they will not reassess your case and change their earlier decision on ground of a no existing FIN on your name.

The second option is you may go back to your country or outside Singapore, in return you will get a 30 days entry period. But it might happen that at immigration check point they may ask you the reason of travelling to Singapore so often in recent days.

Or else the last option which have mentioned that (better than the second option) to go back to your home country wait for MoM to clarify their decision and if it's true that you never have had a FIN earlier then you no need to worry as MoM will change the decision in your favour.
Good luck.

Hi there! I'm already back in my country. My employer told me last week that they are still waiting for my work pass approval since they already appealed my rejected application. But upon checking it online (MoM website) my application doesnt change status. Its still on a REJECTED situation. I just want to know if my employer really appealed my application why is it still on a REJECTED? Why its not indicated there that it was appeal or something? I tried to email my HR and ask if there's a resulf already as of this writting I got no reply from her. Our last communication was last week when I told her that I'm going back to my country since my visit pass is about to expire and that I'm returning SG immediatly if I got the approval by MoM. Hope you can answer my questions again and give advices too. I will appreciate it a lot. Thanks in advance. Happy new year!

MoM didn't change the status as there is no outcome of your appealing that means present status as of that date is rejected. They don't change the status to "pending appeal against rejection", if you appeal. So, you need to wait for the outcome of the appeal. Good luck.

Hi guys, Its been 3 weeks since the appeal of my rejected pass and I still don't get any result today. I tried to email my employer three times but as of this writing I still got no reply. I don't know what would be my next move, if I should still wait for the result or move on with my life and find a new job. Its hard to figure it out since I dont hear anything from my employer anymore at the back of my head, what if they didn't file an appeal for my rejected pass but I'm also thinking what would they get if they will give me false hopes. Its easy to say to an applicant that pass is rejected and they will not file for an appeal. I also want to know ifever the appeal is rejected they should tell me the result, right? Plus how will I know online that the appeal got rejected? Please need your advices again. Thanks.

Sorry to hear your case, unfortunately this is the sad part of the entire recruitment process, where you need to depend on employer as they are the party who had applied an employment pass for you at MoM. Hence they are the only party who can file an appeal, not you or anyone else.

Secondly, by right you should have got a FIN number - informed by your employer (as each application generates an unique number in MoM system which identifies individual record), hence using that FIN number you should able to see the status of your application (to confirm if it was rejected or not).

Thirdly, sorry to say that MoM doesn't give the reason of rejection as it has no such obligation towards the applicants to reveal the reason. Hence, your employer may not know the reason for rejection of your application.

Lastly, if your employer is not responding to your emails, which means they have no more interest on your candidature for that opening position, and possible that they might have already hired someone or select someone for that position. My suggestion is try to look into a new job (though it's not that easy but no choice at present) but same time if you want to continue follow up with the employer you may do so without hoping anything in return. Good luck.

I can actually check my status online (EP Online) by provding my passport number and my full name but as I check my status today its still rejected. I was able to access this site because I have a relative who is PR in Singapore he logs in his Singpass and by that way I can check my status regularly, but the status doesnt change at all even my employer told me that they appeal it already. It really bothers me why the result came out that I already have a FIN NUMBER even I don't have one and after my employer said they will appeal for me but out of the blue they don't answer my emails anymore. Maybe you're correct I should try looking for a new one, because its hard to just wait for something that you have no assurance of. 😢

Your status remains the same "pass rejected ", cause there is no changes in your application status after your employer appealed for. Now a days it's very unlikely that your status will be changed to a positive status unless until there is a significant changes in your appeal (e.g. Earlier certificates submissions were not correct so in appeal you provided correct and accurate documents).


An update from my last post. My company has filed for a third appeal on last 22nd Jan 2018 and amended my salary to 2,600 (from 2,400) - to justify the increase company has assigned me other adhoc duties.

My initial renewal was rejected last Dec 2017 stating that salary should be at this range. Now my issue is that I'm currently on Pass Extension until 6TH March and I'm not sure if result for the appeal will be advised in time. Can my company actually file another extension while result is not out yet?

In general cases, they won't allow to extend the pass second time. And about your S pass appealing, it looks pointless that the employer added some more duties & increased salary to $2600. This kind of appeal won't get approval at MoM. But, never know if you are lucky then can get positive response. Good luck

Hi Surya!

Company has also changed my job title from CSA to CSA cum Workshop Admin. Hopefully MOM will approve as I really want to stay with the Company.

Tanra, MoM is quite particular to these kind of appealing where employers tweaking the job title then increasing the offer salary. MoM knows all these gimmicks, but as I said if you are lucky then can get a positive response from MoM. Good luck

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