Need advice building a concrete wall on recent property purchase.

If anyone has experience in building a wall for your home, your help would be most appreciated, as I have no past experience with this project. Or if you know of anyone who has had one built, this would also be very helpful. We are on a tight budget, so inexpensive but quality is our goal. Thank you very much.


Mr. Randy Brand

hi randy
my name is ash
i am a bricklayer .............whats the problem
where do you want to construct the wall........inside your house or outside
let me know ill walk you through it;;;;;
if you get a tradie to do it for you .....
patience is a virtue in thailand

Hi Ash. Thank you for your reply and offer to help. It is an outdoor wall surrounding the property. The land is 155 Wah. The property is in Saraphi, not too far off the CM/Lamphun road. My phone number is ***. And direct e-mail is ***. Please feel free to call at your convenience. Thanks and look forward to talking with you.....Randy

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@ ashley muntz


You can add your business in the Chiang Mai business directory where there's a category for bricklayers. Your business will be more visible.

Jaisan ;)

sorry mate
your phone and email was sensored
with the piremetre wall you will need to do a concrete footing.
ths will depend on how high you want to make your wall
my recomendation on a wall that is 6ft high
you do a concreate footing that would be 500 mm wide and 500 mm deep.If the thais tell you tto skimp on this there is a chance your wall will start to in lean over.
good luck
ash the brickie
Im in oz at the moment so i cant do much from here'.
shop around for your building products

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Hi Ash...Thank you so much for the advice. So weird they blocked my contact information. Maybe if you have the time when you return, we could try to circumvent the system with a meet up location, if you have the time. At any rate, I will be sure to keep the info you gave me in mind. Wishing you a Happy New Year...!! Randy

ashley muntz :

your phone and email was sensored

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