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Hello everyone,
if anyone has time to volunteer as a teacher in African school in Subang Jaya, please contact me for more details, the school will pay allowance for volunteers. School will start 2nd of January 2017. The actual hours of school  from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday to Friday.  It is a christian free school helps children that can't afford to pay private schools fees or those who have no valid visa to join the Malaysian School.
hope we can find some kind hearts to help those children.

Very Good Noon.
Dear I am very happy to know your message. I have completed Masters Degree from Bangladesh. I am very agree to join in your school as volunteer teacher. I have more than eight (8) years working experiences as a teacher. But in the last year  I came to Malaysia for a good job. Specially I have been looking a Teaching job. But I did not find. No body here of my who can help me given a job. I like most the Teaching profession. If you consider me, I'll be highly glad. I am a member of YMCA KL. Please never hesitate call my contact number xxx.
Thank you very much,
Yours faithfully & best regards,
M A Hussain
Section-25, Tanan Srimuda,
Shah Alam, Malaysia.

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Hi everyone,

@ Selia8, please drop an advert in the Clubs, associations, volunteers in Subang Jaya section of the website so that interested members may contact you directly.

Thanks in advance,

thank you, I didn't know where to post it ,


Are you still looking for volunteers to  help teach at your school?  I am interested if you do.



Isaidhannah - take a look at this (it includes immigration pass, which volunteer teachers would not be able to get)

1. Name: SOLS 24/7
2. There are 10 areas where you can work with us:

Digital Marketing
Project Management
Training and Education
Human Resources
English Teacher and more, just check the website

3. Where: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Opportunities to go to Rural areas as well)
4. Contact: Apply in the website sols247.org/volunteer/

5. Accommodation provided
Food provided
Visa (+6 months) provided
Basic Allowance for Internships

International Environment, work with people from all over the world.

Hi Gravitas

Thank you for your response. It is much appreciated.  I will definitely be looking at that and no worries about the Visa.  I hold a Malaysian passport.

Thank you

Best Regards


If you want to work as an assistant teacher, Jobstreet lists vacancies and also you may find jobs advertised on individual school websites - http://schooladvisor.my/


Thank you for the information and your help.  I will definitely take a look at it.

Best Regards


This place is frequently hiring assistants - http://www.klkidsclub.com/

I too want to join with you as in have 11years experience in teaching from India and now searching  forvgud teaching job in Malaysia  n couldn't find. I will be thankful ifbghere is any job like so to me.
My mail id...xxx

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i have been in Malaysia since 8 months and have one son.
i want to join as a volunteer there and join my kid also.
but i dont know ur details address n to contact you.

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