Hi my name is Denise..
I am an aussie lady who has lived in quite a few places in the states for about 12 years, as well as Hawaii. I decided to come back to stay now in Sydney to live, having just returned from Sth Florida, and wondered if anyone would like to make a new friend and to learn about Sydney and about this country. I have been a makeup artist for some time and also been in the fine jewelry industry.I love people and I know what's it's like to be away from family and friends.I am a fun loving person and love meeting people and want to also meet some new friends along the way.
Please feel free to contact me here, or on my email.
[email protected]

Hi Denise, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

Thank you for your introduction.

I hope you get lot of new contacts on the site. Do not hesitate to participate on the forum.

All the best,

ME! i'm planing a travel to Australia, I though about Melbourne, because I like Queensland..(because my idea is going to lear English, doing a course maybe at the university of Queensl.) but then I saw that it has no beach... How is Sidney???

Hi Denise! I would love to get in touch with you. Thanks for sharing your experiences... I have written you privately through MSN. Thanks for adding me to your contacts if you are interested. Kind regards from Argentina!


Melbourne is in Victoria state, not in Queensland. You have to adjust your navigator ;)
Melbourne has very nice beaches, as well as Sydney. Majority of the cities in Australia are located besides the water so definitely you'll find heaps of beaches.


Does your friend have to be a lady? do you mind having a male friend who needs your experiences?