Iqama transfer request status.

hello guys,

Abdullah here. i am currently working in a company and waiting for my  iqama to get transferred, any body here has any information about the status NOT CONFIRMED in demand situation in ministry of labor column . what will be the status there if my kafeel rejects the request from my company or is there any option to check whether my company has send the transfer request or not . Just curious to know how the things will work here in saudi arabia. kindly help.

If any of you know anything kindly reply. Any help or guidance will be appreciated.

Your current employer didn't deny or accept the request sent by your new employer.

Then request status must be in pending. I was thinking it was rejected by my Kafeel. I am I guessing it right, correct me if I am wrong. Anyways thank for your reply.

Dear TLL you have been doing a great work, thumps up for you!
Please help me in my case though, Actually I am having a free transferable visa and I joined a company also they sent request to my sponsor but now I don't want to give transfer to that company because I got an good and valuable offer from other company, However iqama transfer status showing NOT CONFIRMED.
Please let me know what can I do to get rid of that request sent by new company

Please any one help me in same matter I am introu le because my iqamah will be expire next month

I am in the same situation. MOL showing not CONFIRMED..
Please somebody help me.

your kafeel has rejected transfer request sent by your company ask your company to send a new request for transfer, and you go again to your kafeel and pay all pending money or pay him what he wants and then I hope your kafeel accepts the request. When your kafeel accepts your transfer request in MOL in place of Transfer request status your will get Has been Approved and below your new company details will come.

I think your company can help even after your Iqama expiry as I came to know that after your iqama expires you don't need your kafeel , your new company can renew it and take the transfer. But confirm this from your company's Mandoop and take the step.

Thank you for your kind reply..
The new request was placed and it is under study but i want to know one more thing..
Is it possible to travel to India during this under study status..
I want to go to India because of an emergency..Is it possible..
Kindly advise..

yes, it possible. you should get your entry-exit done by your old kafeel as your iqama is still not transferred to a new company.

My new company has recently make a transfer request to my kafeel and  he says he approved the request.

In MOL  the Status is showing "Under studying".

Can any one know what this actually means?

How can i know my kafeel had accepted the request or not?

Last week my new kafeel has raised request for transfer of sponsor , it was accepted by old kafeel and i could see the approved status. Next day i check the same it was changed to  تحت الدراسة ( Under study). its shows same till now. Please help and advice.

If the electronic request is accepted by your previous kafeel it mean the Iqama has been transferred to new Kafeel, Now New kafeel should apply for New iqama, Jawazat will issue new iqama on the name of your new kafeel. No another procedure required.


Muhammad Safdar

Dear Brother

لم تتم الموافقة Its showing the status like this today at MOL website.

your status should be has been approved and below that your new kafeel or company details will be given. then your new kafeel should go to jawazzat nad apply for new iqama.

your request is rejected.

Company status turned to be red category. Thanks anyways

Kind of same situation here, I am moving from my father's sponsorship (family) to a new company, they said they have placed the request. But in my fathers kafeels page it doesn't show up and now the status in mol website says "not confirmed".

What can be done here? any help? or could someone walk me through the procedure of transferring iqama to a new employer from a family iqama?


One way is to go online through Abshir, from your father's account.

If not confirmed yet, then a visit to the Passport Office is necessary.

Thanks for the reply,

For the last few weeks the request status was shown "in progress" and this week it changed to "not confirmed"on the mol website.

I have checked my fathers Absher account and looks like there is no request in it as of now, should I have checked it earlier when the status was "in progress"?

Now as the request is not showing, should the company send a new request again?

PS. They have my passport, they said they wanted it for transfer.

Thanks again.

Hi Star boy
Please update your Iqama transfer status now, I am also undergoing the same process since a month now. My Iqama transfer has to be done from husband to Employer.
All papers are submitted and the payment is also done by my new employer. So how long does it take for Iqama transfer? Has anyone gone through this process recently?

Hi Aysha.
Technically it takes four working days in total if company MANDOOB work properly.
Maximum 2 days in MOL , and Maximum 2 days in JAWAZAT.
and the print the new Iqama.
Please check the available funds under your IQAMA number.
search in google how to check available funds.

Please ask your Company Mandoob for any problem and cause of delay.

Hi Lucky vicky
Thanks a lot for the reply. Yes my Mandoob started working properly since last week only I guess. Until then he had been asking several documents to be submitted one per week since last month. Anyway yesterday I confirmed that it is submitted to Labour dept.
So probably today or tomorrow I can check online right? Could you please let me know which website I should check? Can I check through my husband’s Absher?
Thanks again.

Hi Ayesha,

Sorry for your situation, well I am still stuck in the process. Its good that you started working in the company, my company doesn't allow me to work till this process gets completed.

I am not sure if I have the answer for how long it takes, what is the status of your transfer request from the MOL website? is it "under studying" or "not yet confirmed"?

Well, what happened to me is, the first transfer request send my company was canceled as it was in "not confirmed" status for a while and they send a new request which is "under studying" now and it has been two weeks since then. From what I have seen these status gets changed during (Thursdays/Sundays) not sure if that's the case with everyone.

As I am stuck in this situation from past few months i did a little bit of digging into it by going to local offices near Jawazat who said it might be that the online process is not working as I am 25 years of age and still under my father.

The second way of doing this while online system doesn't help is the company's (HR/PRO) has to do is go to Jawazat with all the papers from your previous employer (In your case, your husbands kafeel with his/her signature and your husbands signature attested from Ministry of Labour, you can get that paper by paying 10 riyals from any local shops near jawazath who does this kind of work). It's easier than it sounds. They have to take these papers and your Passport(Sadly original, not copy) and they can do it within minutes and your iqama will be transferred, all you need to wait is printing of new iqama which might take a day or two.

I am not sure how true this is, this has been said to me by few agents near Jawazat and considering the fact that I have given my passport to the new company I like to believe its this way.

The reason I am stuck in here is that the Saudis who are PRO of my new company are a lazy bunch of people who are waiting for the online process to get through as they are lazy to go the Jawath themselves sadly we don't have any jurisdiction over them.

Sorry for the long post, hope it helps. I am not a pro, just mentioned from my experience. Hope yours go through without any hassles like mine.


Hi Star boy

Wa salaam!

Thanks for your reply. My case is also same as yours. Haven’t started work yet as my employer strictly needs my new Iqama which says I am ‘permitted to work’. But sadly just like yours my original passport and my Iqama has been given to the GRO since a month and so far nothing happened. NOC from my husband attested by Jawazat and a letter from his employer with CoC attestation also has been given to the GRO. The same lazy bunch of people says it will be ready this week since a month. Yesterday it has been submitted which is confirmed by them(I have no choice rather than to believe it).
Anyway let’s hope for the best. Yeah my GRO said currently the status shows ‘ ‘In progress’ or ‘Processing’ . I am not sure.
Sincere prayers that yours also will be done quickly.

Well looks like we are in the same boat, mine is from a few months anyway. you can always check the status of the request in MOL website from this link. … quiry.aspx

choose the second last option from the drop-down list and input your iqama number by choosing the radio button for iqama number and press enter, you can see if there is any request and the status.

Anyway, please keep this post updated once yours gets done so anyone else with the same issue can follow up.

Masalama, have a great day.

Hi friends
Today morning I checked my Iqama transfer status in MoL website and also fund transfer status in my husband’s Absher account against my ID number.

Iqama transfer status shows ‘ Under study’ -
Fund transfer status shows ‘0’ for all

Anyone shed some light on this?

Learning patience 😕

if funds transfers then it is a good news.
that some thing is happening.
Just check your husband Absher account if your name is still there as dependent or not.
If name is removed then you are transferred to new Kafeel , if still there and funds are now zero then it is under process if every thing is going smooth it should be done during this week.

That’s a rejuvenating news. Hopefully it should be that way. Thanks a lot for the response anyway.
Will let you know the outcome anyways.


Could any of you provide some additional info on this fund transfer thing? Is it that when the new company puts a request the funds change?

Well, my case its all zero and request status "under study", the only thing that stands as a relief is a false promise from my company PRO that this will be done by Thursday and I can join coming Sunday, sadly I have been hearing this from ages now.

Guys I have a related query regarding the transfer request.
For what duration does the online transfer request to a company is valid? Does it expire after a limited period?

Hi everyone!
Alhumdulillah today my Transfer request approved by Labour. Now the status shows ‘approved’ and then ‘waiting for MoI’ I think. That means not yet transferred to the new employer. PRO says he will print the Iqama from Passport within 2 days. Hope that is not having any complications.
Wishing good luck for all those who are ‘waiting ‘ in this thread.
The ‘under study’ changes only when the PRO decides to go to Labour office. So giving pressure to the PRO in a polite manner works out 😊
Allah Kareem !!

I am currently under X company who is in Platinum category. and my new company is in Low Green. My new company is saying for transfer i should get 3 letters from my X company as my X company is in Platinum it cannot be done online. But my X company says it can be done online , ask your new company to send online request/ talab. Now i dnt know who is lying. Can any one help me and guide me in this. thanks.

Hi,Good morning,My wife transfer status MOI status shows under study,what does it mean and how long it will take to approve...

Did you get the transfer completed?  as i am having the same status like my new employer send the request and my previous employer is saying that they have accepted the request . On ministy website , it is showing my status is like understudying .

I am curious whether my previous employer is lying or not .

Waiting for your feedback.


Sumair Saeed Khan

Bro Can we Talk on Voice Call i need your Help please i want to know Something waiting for your Rply.....


Good Day everyone,

I would like to ask if my iqama already transferred to the new company and my previous company can file a case against me or bothered me ?

Thanks and Regards

Dear dont worry no Body file case Against you
Enjoy your life  Congratulation for new Job im still Stuck

It means ur request of transfer has been  canceled.. :offtopic:

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