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Hello everyone!
Does someone can give tips /recommendations on buying apartment in Budapest? Who has experience? Thank you in advance, krystyna

Are you buying for personal use or as an investment?

Actually both. for personal but also in case of necessity so that it would be possible to rent

I've bought an apartment in Budapest for residential purposes. I used to find a suitable price range, area, amenities, etc. Then I did a lot of research.  When I bought, I used the seller's realtor, but my lawyer.  I also had friends there to help me.

If you are an EU citizen, it's fairly easy to make a purchase, with caveat emptor being your overriding concern. Local knowledge is invaluable, and knowing the language will help immensely.  If you are a non-EU citizen, there is a permission procedure that is still in effect, or a lawyer can help you become a small business and that procedure is waived.  A lot of information can be found through the links below, but please also do your own due diligence, and feel free to post further questions here (or contact me directly for my own personal experience): … in-hungary … in-Hungary … ying-Guide

Thank you a lot!

My tip would be to visit the property you are interested in several times before closing any deals.
Visit the neighborhood, walk around the building at different times of the day and night.
Try to get a feel for the house, if there are any problem neighbors etc.
We didn't ask enough questions and only visited our property 2 or 3 times and later found out we had terrible upstairs neighbors. They have since moved but it was a hard couple of years living around them.
It would of been almost impossible though to figure out how bad they were by any normal visit. They would throw house parties starting at 2 am until after 11 am. We never called the cops on them, other neighbors did, that's how loud they were, woke up half the house at least once a month.
Have to try to talk to other people in the house and hope one or two will tell you what is really going on in the building if anything.

THank you,its a good tip indeed

But can any one tell what would be the cost like 90 sqmtrs apartment  in budapest.district 7,8 or in any district.

Muralidharsahu :

But can any one tell what would be the cost like 90 sqmtrs apartment  in budapest.district 7,8 or in any district.

Maybe start here: … /budapest/

And if you can not find what you want, there are plenty of other rental sites around, and they are not difficult to find.  :)

Nit for rental, for buying

Muralidharsahu :

Nit for rental, for buying

Again, go to: … /budapest/

And in the select list "Type of property", select "For sale".  :)

Or search for properties for sale.... again, there are plenty of sites that have listings.  ;)

As well as klsallee's suggestion, you could try here: … +85-100-m2

I've plugged in a range of 85 - 100m^2 and in the 7th / 8th districts.  This should give you an idea of what's on offer and in what price ranges.

I bought my apartment through a local estate agent, she was extremely helpful and went out of her way to help me and gave me her honest advice. She was also the only one out of 5 different agents from 5 different properties who were willing to meet me on very short notice.

Definitely go and look at the property and the building and area it is in, secondly ask if its lease hold or free hold, thirdly go through a reputable agent, fourthly, use a reputable lawyer to assist you.

Hi Krystyna,

Just as Vicces1 has mentioned, it is truly invaluable to have a knowledge of the area as well as the buying processes, and a knowledge of the language can certainly avoid any misunderstandings, unwanted errors, and in general speed along the process.




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Hi im from budapest thats my second flat  in Bp. Some time you have to chck twice about the paper for the apt.and look for a good lawyer to make your paper work .( English one ) :sosad:

Hello, we recently bought a house in Budapest. We know of a couple of good state agents that were very helpful. If you wish I can send you their details.

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