Need a job

Hello i am here in singapore as tourist visa.. i am looking for a job. Please help me! Thanks..

Cleaning toilets or designing ion drives for their space program?

The best help is what I have written several times on this forum before:
- You should have a recognised university degree and three years work experience to have a realistic chance - or be willing to work in menial jobs for a pittance.
- Focus on your skills that are rare and in demand in Singapore (otherwise you cannot be hired, by law)
- Do research about the suitable employers in your industry, consult their job listings and apply if applicable - or contact them unsolicited.
- Give your local address and phone number on the application - that increases your chances for a job interview tremendously.
- Be patient: Waiting times of one or two months from application to hiring decision are common - and getting your work visa takes another 1 - 2 months.

Hi there,

I am looking for part timers. Msg me if you are interested

ks88, I would recommend to post your ad in job forum with job description which will reach maximum job seekers who are looking for part time jobs. Thanks

Please note that none of the regular work visa (EP, S-Pass, WP) allows part-time or occasional jobs, neither does LTVP.
So you are limited to citizens, PR and (under certain circumstances and with special permission by LoC) some holders of DP and LTVP+.
Do not break the rules in Singapore!

hi there! may i know whats your qualifications?

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