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Last month I was sent to Singapore to train a specialised task for bank.  I was required to get an S pass during my stay.  My salary then was 3k since my consultant included my per diem.  I am now back in my country and the pass has expired.  My employer has offered me a relocation to SG to manage the team that I have trained.  They will be applying for an S Pass soon and would be adjusting my salary to meet local standards. 

Would my previous spass affect my epass application? There will be a significant increase of salary (from 3k to around 6k) and I am worried that MOM might question the big increase of salary in the last 2 months.

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I don't think your previous, short-term S-Pass would have a negative influence on your chances for another EP or S-Pass (which one isn't clear from your message).

Agreed with Beppi. Won't have any impact as the earlier pass was for a temporary training whereas for this job is a relocation and a permanent job offer. EP or S pass will be allocated based on your educational background and experience.

Sorry for the confusion, employer is going to apply for e pass.  Thanks a lot!  I feel really anxious in the application especially they are getting stricter.  Appreciate the help.

Hi beppi/surya,

Our company has provided me the official offer.  Our consultant will be filing for the e pass by next week.  I am checking the MOM self assesment and i am getting confused with the results.  My salary is 5k+, on the tool if we choose to apply december 30, 2016 i am eligible for both e and s pass however if we choose to apply jan 2017 i am only eligible for s pass.  I know there will be an increase for minimum salary for e pass starting 2017.  Does this mean that a 5k+ salary is no longer applicable for an experienced professional to get an e pass starting 2017?

I can see the fixed salary will be capped at S$3,600 (currently it's S$3,300). So, it could be other reasons why the assessment shows for S pass only (from Jan, 2017). I'm providing MoM link for your reference.

http://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permit … ligibility

With the increase of the minimum EP salary (for fresh graduates) from S#3300 to S#3600/month, all other (unpublished) salary ranges for experienced professionals will also increase.
It seems your "S$5k+" is above the old, but below the new minimum for your profession, education and work experience.
Since the salary ranges are aligned with market rates, it also means you are underpaid at "S$5k+". Ask the company to increase your pay before they apply.

Thank you both for your inputs.  Happy new year!

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