Recommendation of clinic for Medical Check up and cost

Dear All,

Kindly advise which clinic I could do medical check up as requested by MOM and within how long i could get the report? also let me know the cost. My new Co HR is pretty fresh, she only told me any clinic would be fine.

I also would like to ask to go MOM for thumbprint and submission of declaration form, do I need to make appointment with MOM or i can go anytime during their working hour?

I appreciate all feedback.


Anyone can help? thanks

You can visit any GP (General Polyclinic in Singapore) which are generally cheaper in comparison to any private clinics. You can tell them that you are coming here for medical check up for EP or other pass holders. Below link can help you: … /Home.aspx

Ask HR to set up an appointment at MoM (can be done online and you will get a confirmation page to bring) so that you can go there for your finger print. There is no such walk in facility available at MoM. I'm surprised how come your HR didn't tell this basic to you. Good luck

Thankss Surya2k! Do you have any idea how long the medical report could be produced, immediately or in 1 day? As i know only they have to fill in a medical form by MOM (I have it).

This MoM link will help you further on requirements and important notes. It may take couple of days to give you the details report. … xamination

Thanks Surya2k

Hi, Surya2k, May I know is that fine i enter Sg without IPA and do medical check up? Cause I am Malaysian citizen and i can enter Sg with visitor pass, i actually take daily return flight.

Note: I actually entered on 21 Dec and returned on 22 Dec and i did not show the immigration of the IPA, I neglected.

It should be fine, I think.

Thanks for replying ans~I hope so ^^|||

Should not have an issue for a foreigner without an IPA enter into Singapore (for ASEAN countries you don't need to apply separate visa rather will get a 30days on arrival entry visa). But to do medical check up which is required for a foreigner to work in Singapore, the medical or clinic needs your IPA before to do medical tests as a reference. I should advise to check with your employer and tell that you want to do medical check up here before getting IPA, so that they will advise you further. As per my understanding IPA letter is an assurance and proof that MoM accepted your work pass which indicates the number of days of its validity. So without IPA I am not sure if any Hospitals here will allow you to do medical check up.

I would rather wait to receive the IPA then do medical check up.

Please read below detail guidelines provided by MoM: … e-approval

Dear Surya2k, I have received the IPA letter but i entered without showing to the immigration and did medical check up on the same day (i have IPA and medical form from MOM), and signed tenancy agreement which commencement date is on early Jan 2017.

So i wonder shall I redo the medical check up again?

If your medical check up has covered the details which is required by ICA and Ministry of Health (MoH), is applied to all foreigners who are coming to Singapore first time to work then you no need to redo the same again as you can provide the reports and they can verify with the respective clinic or hospital. But, if it doesn't cover then sorry to say they will ask you to check up again.  Below link will give you an idea.

Yes, surya2k, actually when i went to the clinic i showed them my IPA and the medical form, thats why they do the check up accordingly. My worried is that it was stated that IPA holder must do check up within 2 weeks upon arrival. But my concern is i did not show the immigration my IPA (i neglected cause I went Sg very often for short business trip and relative visits) and i returned to Malaysia the same day.

Anyhow the Sg clinic informed me the result is ready for collection and I will collect when i go Sg on Jan 2017 in which i will then make sure I show the immigration of my IPA.


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Hi surya2k,

Can I do the medical checkup from my home country as I'm landing in Singapore one day before my 1st day

I think it has to be a medical clinic approved by the Singapore authorities.
You could ask your employer or MoM if there is one in your country.

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