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I'm looking for a personal trainer for a 67 year old woman to come to her house (in Jakarta) and train with her 2 times a week. The trainer should be acquainted with training seniors at a beginner level. The job would be roughly for 5-6 months and would require the trainer to have his/her own training equipment as there are none at the house.

My question is how much would this cost and can anyone recommend anyone who I could contact through email as I'm not stationed in Jakarta?

Thank you for your tips and recommendations!

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
I'm not familiar with any such person but there are bound to be plenty around. If your request here fails, try contacting gyms such as Celebrity fitness. They might well have people available or someone might do it in their spare time.
The first prices you get will be the maximum they think they can get out of you, not what they want.
Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.

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