Good affordable International School in Malaysia(KL)

Hello All,

I am Payal, I recently moved to Malaysia with family. My husband is working in KLCC, I am a house wife.

My elder son is 5 Years and 3 Months. We are looking for good affordable International school in KL.

I have shortlisted
Taylors international school in KL
I also visited Sayfol international school in KL

I was wondering if anyone has experience with Taylors, sayfol or both.

I understand Taylors is little expensive than Sayfol.

I would appreciate if you could help me with the questions
>>Which one is better as per your experience.
>>What made you choose the school (word of mount, Distance to work, Infra.., Education method,,etc)
>>Do you have any other recommendation than these 2 school excluding GIIS.

Any Information which could be of help is much appreciated.

Thanks again.


Any suggestions on school?

Anyone has any idea about brooklyn smart academy in KL along with Taylor's and Safyfol?

Thanks again

Hi Payal,

Did you find any good school for your son? If yes then which one?

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