Electric Bills in Phuket

Does anyone know why a builder would keep the electric bill in their name?
I am a home owner in Phuket but the electric bill is still in the builders name
What if any advantage is this to the builder??

How do I get this transferred into my name I am not a tenant I pay the bills
for my own property


I live in Chiang Mai. I have rented where I pay the landlord for the electric and the water. Specifically this is so that the landlord can charge a surcharge and make an additional profit.
Beyond that I have no idea about anything that you are referring to. My my recent two rentals have been where I pay the water bill directly to the water company as well as the electric bill which means that there is no owners surcharge.

There is no reason for builder to keep electric bill in his name.

Are you given a bill electric company generates or something the builder generates?

A foreigner cannot own land so who actually owns land house sits on or is house and land in company name?

When I changed the name on condo electric bill I needed proof of ownership and I think it was 4k baht as deposit.  The previous owner was not necessary to change name but if he wanted his deposit back he would need to go in person to electric company to obtain.

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